Quantum Games 1750 tourney!

So this weekend is the Semi-Annual Quantum Games tournament in Kelowna, BC. Featured at this tourney is both 40k and Flames of War; I will be, of course, playing 40k with my Traitor Guard. As typically this tournament is run with missions straight out of the book, this is the list I will be bringing.


Company Command Squad (5)– 3 plasma guns, medic, plasma pistol and power weapon on commander, Chimera /w hull-mounted heavy flamer (HHF)


Guardsman Marbo

Psyker Battle Squad (8) – Chimera (HHF)







Manticore – (HHF)


Veterans (10) – 3 Meltagun, Demo Experts (meltabombs & demo-pack) ~ Ride in Vendetta

Veterans (10) – 3 Meltagun, Demo Experts (meltabombs & demo-pack) ~ Ride in Vendetta

Veterans (10) – 3 Meltagun, Chimera (HFF)

Infantry Platoon

Junior Command Squad (5) – 4 Flamers, Chimera (HFF)

Infantry Squad (10) – Grenade Launcher, Autocannon, Chimera (HFF)

Infantry Squad (10) – Grenade Launcher, Autocannon, Chimera (HFF)


Basic Strategy – If I go first, scout up the vendettas to 12” from a target that needs to die. On my turn, vets get out and meltagun/meltabomb it. Vendettas go to town with 3 TL LasCannons. The rest of the army sits back and shoots… Using the last turns to dash for objectives. If I don’t get first turn, I move the vendettas up normally. Flamers patrol for nasty drop pod units and vets in the chimera wait for land raiders (if they make it there). This is the type of army I was scared of facing with my orks/sws, so I thought I would run it! Marbo is there to nuke DS termies or anything that I pop out out of a transport and generally be annoying. He’s gonna go to ground for a 2+ cover if anything even looks at him, making them waste firepower. Obviously the CCS is plasma death, just waiting for anything to get close. Overall, its 11 AV12 vehicles and 69 bodies. Very powerful overall.

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