Quantum Games Results + Nid BatRep

Well, that’s outta the way…  Yep, I took Best Overall at the Quantumgames.ca 2010 tournament.  With 3 games and 18 players, I won 3 of 3 games scoring me 45 points.  With soft scores added in, I bumped up to 71 points.  Second place was my good buddy, Brady with 2 wins and a tie (+soft scores) putting him at 60 points and netting him Best General.  Now on to the BatRep against Nidz. (For my list, see here:https://allouttabubblegum.wordpress.com/2010/11/11/67/)

Game 1 – Seize Ground /w 5 objectives and Pitched Deployment.  I was up against nids – crap.  Generally, nids can be problematic what with all the deepstriking, outflanking and generally fast bugs.  Plus he won the roll off to go first.  The objectives are all placed centrally.

His list (from memory):

  • Hive Tyrant /w stranglethorn cannon & hive commander
  • Tervigon /w adrenal glands & catalyst
  • 10 Termagants
  • 2x 8 Genestealers
  • 15ish hormagants
  • 2 zoanthrope in spore pod
  • 1 doom of malan’tai in spore pod
  • 3 hive guard
  • 1 Trygon Prime
  • 1 Trygon

I deployed in my standard castle formation (Deployment) in the centre of the table while he basically forms a line 12″ in, using as much cover as possible (Reserves; zoanthropes, doom of malan’tai, 2 units of genestealers 1 unit of hormagants and Marbo.  I scout my vendettas up such that the veterans would be within 12″ of the tervigon when they disembark.

I roll to seize the initiative….. and fail.

Turn 1 (nidz):

  • Nearly everything runs forward but due to some poor rolling, only makes it 8″ at the most.
  • Hive Guards immobilize and stun one of the vendettas.

Turn 1 (IG):

  • The 2 Veteran squads disembark from the vendettas and move to within 12″ of the tervigon and termagants.  The non-immobilized vendetta scoots back 6″.
  • Shooting – Tervigon and Hive Tyrant both go down, a couple of termagants die and subsequently fail their LD test as there is no more synapses around (they continue to run all game).

Turn 2 (nidz):

  • Reserves bring in 1 genestealer squad (left flank, near the vendettas) and doom of malan’tai (drops 6″ away from one of the vet squads).
  • Everything but the hive guard surges forward – the trygons both get good fleet rolls.
  • Shooting sees his hive guard blow off 1 lascannon on the flying vendetta.  Veterans make their LD roll against the Doom but cataclysm kills 8 veterans in total.
  • The genestealers assault the immobilized vendetta and blow it up, losing 2 of their number.

Turn 2 (IG):

  • Vendetta flies 6″ towards the trygons, CCS moves 6″ towards trygons.
  • Shooting sees the Trygon Prime go down as well as 1 Hive Guard.  Doom of malan’tai kills a few veterans but promptly dies to meltaguns.

Turn 3 (Nidz):

  • Reserves brings in the other genestealers squad (right flank) and hormagants (left flank) – Both move towards my castle.
  • Trygon fails instinctive behavior and moves towards the CCS Chimera, preparing to charge it.
  • Hive Guard shoot a single remaining veteran and kill him.
  • Genestealers wipe out the other veteran squad that helped kill the Tervigon and the Trygon wrecks the CCS Chimera.

Turn 3 (IG):

  • Marbo comes in and pops up behind the genestealers on my right flank.
  • My JCS moves 6″ towards the genestealers and the veterans chimera moves 6″ towards the hormagants.  Vendetta moves away from everything 6″.
  • 9 hormagants die to the chimeras heavy flamer.  Marbo’s demo charge kills 7/8 genestealers.  The trygon dies to combined fire from the CCS plasmaguns and vendetta.  The genestealers on the left are wiped out.

Turn 4 (nidz);

  • The zoanthropes come down on my right flank, the remaining hormagants move into cover.
  • The hive guard end up being out of range while the zoanthropes nuke the battle psykers (who were kinda pointless this game due to fearless in synaptic range) chimera.
  • The remaining genestealer charges Marbo in cover and promptly get its face handed to it by Marbo.

Turn 4 (IG):

  • My chimeras race out to nab 3 objectives and I wipe out everything but the Hive Guard.  We call it game.

Victory IG!


I’ll post up my BatRep with Space Marines tomorrow!

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