Pandora – 35 Soulstone Crew

Hey fellow wargamers.  Finished painting my 35 SS Pandora Crew for Malifaux.  I wish I had used better lighting but these will do I guess.  Obviously better in person.

35 Soulstones on the nose.  Pandora has a 5 SS cache!

Left to Right: Primordial Magic & Pandora

Left to Right: Sorrow 1 & Sorrow 2

Left to Right: Doppelganger & Stitched Together

Left to Right: Lelu and Lilita

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3 Responses to Pandora – 35 Soulstone Crew

  1. Marshall says:

    I like the colour scheme you used for Pandora. Much better than a sparkly purple sorceress look.

    I think we can agree this is one of the grossest forces out there. From the worm vomiting his own insides through loose fitting skin, to the stitched one spilling out intestines onto the floor, to the Doppelganger, obviously, and even the S+M demons, haha.

    Nice to see you actually finished a force for once! And very nicely done, of course.

    Now if you could only pull a win once in a while…….

    • Crimzzen says:

      Hahah, although its hard to see in the pic, the inside of her cloak is sparkly purple 😛 Had to tie it back somehow!

      Hahaha, I agree.

      I know, why can’t all armies only be 8 models?


      • Marshall says:

        My only criticism with the game is that the lists are somewhat limited. Not like you can do much to radically change your list, so you kind of are done when you finish 8 or so models.
        I like being finished when i’m done 8 models… but THEN what?

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