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Necron Rumours – From BolS!

Thanks to Bell of Lost Souls! Via Kroothawk: Quote: A summary (added extra info to kelvan’s summary). This summary does contain rumors from various sources (ghost21, i’m looking at you ) but also interpretations from the FoD book (see text). … Continue reading

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1500 Space Wolves Rodeo!

1500 Pts – Space Wolves Roster HQ: Wolf Priest in Power Armour (1#, 135 pts) 1 Wolf Priest in Power Armour, 135 pts (Space Marine Bike; Crozius Arcanum) HQ: Wolf Priest in Power Armour (1#, 140 pts) 1 Wolf Priest … Continue reading

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eKaya vs pButcher – 35pts

So I got a Warmachine/Hordes game in last night vs. Alex K. and his Khador! Being the dummy I am I forgot to take pictures until the final turn and as such I’ll write this more as a highlight reel … Continue reading

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Space Wolves Win Adepticon 2011 Grand Championship!

Goooooo Space Wolves.  It was an 1850pt battle featuring the awesome might of the Space Wolves vs. the lowly and insignificant Imperial Guard!  You can watch the battle here (beware crappy sound) : While the battle looked great I … Continue reading

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