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Warmachine: A Very Brief Introduction

If you haven’t heard of Warmachine/Hordes (or collectively known as Warmahordes) by know you’ve been living under a gaming rock. It’s constantly being hailed as the “best” wargame to be played competitively and does boast a very rock-solid ruleset. While … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Grey Knights

Hello Internets, it’s been awhile… My apologies. I’ve been thinking about the Grey Knights lately, and between building lists and running numbers I have come to a few conclusions.  Remember, these are just my opinion so if you don’t like … Continue reading

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Army Showcase – Part 2

What’s that? You want to hear and see me brag and show off more of my stuff? Well… alright… I guess I’ll quickly whip some models together and snap some candid, unedited pictures…. Welcome to Chapter 2 of “Countdown to … Continue reading

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Cleaning house again, ebay auctions up!   7 Space Marines with (forgeworld) missile launchers – Space Marine Scout sprue – Space Marine scale bolter shells – Space Marine HQ/Elite – 5x Forgeworld Missile Launchers – reading

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Grey Knight Rules

  Grey Knights Rules: Nemesis Force Sword: +1 to existing invulnerable saves. Nemesis Force Halberd: +2 initiative (yes, this makes them I6!) Nemesis Force Stave: Grants a 2+ invulnerable save versus close combat wounds. All NFWs have Daemonbane: ignoring eternal … Continue reading

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