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BA – Revisions to Jumper List

So I’ve played 5 games with my jumper list thus far vs Mech Guard, Hybrid Dark Eldar, Mech Eldar, Piranha Spam Tau, and Fatecrusher Daemons.   While nowhere near enough experience to be making broad sweeping changes there are a few … Continue reading

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Hellllloooooooooooooooooooo Babyyyyyyyyyyy!   I’m looking to update my blogroll with more people dedicated to the hobby… So if you would like your blog added to allouttabubblegum just add a comment to this post (and subscribe!).  All I ask in return … Continue reading

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WiP – Sanguinary Guard & Test Scheme

Hey hey hey! Finally finished building the sanguinary guard (or really whatever power weapon toting machines I want) with the magnetic backpacks. Check em out, comments welcome. They’re built out of various kits (and green stuff) – GK Helms and … Continue reading

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1750 Necrons – Balanced /w Explanation!

Overlord – Warscythe, Command Barge, Tachyon Arrow 210 – This guy can pop off his str 10 ap 1 shot first turn and then use the command barges guns in the following turns.  Ultimately, he’s gonna be used when the … Continue reading

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1750 Dark Eldar

Dark Eldar are one of those armies that have always intrigued me, here’s a list that would interest me.   1750 Pts – Dark Eldar Roster HQ: Baron Sathonyx (1#, 105 pts) 1 Baron Sathonyx, 105 pts Elite: Kabalite Trueborn … Continue reading

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WIP – Assault Marines

Hola, Been busy working on my new marines. I’m building em with a chaos theme in mind (still working out the story) but as I’ve built and painted a few marine armies over the past years I wanted to work … Continue reading

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To follow up on yesterdays list, I magnetized all the assault marines jump packs and sergeants arms so that I can quickly swap to a jump pack list.  2 armies with 1 paintjob! Libby – Blood Lance, Sanguinary Shield, Jump … Continue reading

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Back from the Dead – 1750 BA

Hey guys, Sorry for the MASSIVE DELAY in posts, I’ve been furiously rebuilding my marines (will have pics up soon).  For today, I thought I’d post up my BA list I’m going to starting using for the next tourney season … Continue reading

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