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Sisters of Battle Rumours – Part 2 via MadCow on BoK!!!

Taken from the Blood of Kittens network who got it from MadCow on Heresy!  Unfortunately this isn’t the sisters I was looking forward to.   So lets do a round up shall we. Blessed Banner: 12” re-roll morale and pinning, … Continue reading

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FOR SALE – Scribor stuff plus more!

Hey everyone, Continuing to liquidate stuff I no longer need/use.  Includes scribor stuff, fantasy/40k stuff, forgeworld missile launcher dudes (listed tonight), and MORE!   Link to my eBay seller store:

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Astronomi-CON 2011 – Back Home!

Hey everyone, Back from Astronomi-Con 2011.  I snapped as many photos as I could during the whirlwind weekend that was Astro 2011 however as I forgot my camera they’re just taken with my iPhone.  Click on the images to get … Continue reading

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Today’s the day – Off to Astronomi-CON

Well, today’s the day – We driving down to Vancouver (4 hrs) for the annual Astronomi-CON tourney. K40K is being represented by: Ryan Z – Red Corsairs (SW) – AKA Crimzzen (owner of this very blog) Marshall R – NAF … Continue reading

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Astronomi-CON 2011 – Vehicles Done!

As many of you readers may know, this weekend is the 2011 Astronomi-CON – Vancouver Edition: My original goal (last year’s Astro) was to have a fully built and painted Space Wolves army for this years Astro.  Obviously that … Continue reading

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‘Ard Boyz 2011 – Preliminary Round

So as many of you know, this weekend is the 2011 Preliminary Round ‘Ard Boyz tourney.  So I thought I’d post up my list. Basically, this list is just an extension of my 1500 point list with 1000 points of … Continue reading

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Thunderwolf Cavalry…..Wing?

  With the recent popularity of Draigo-wing (even with his RIDICULOUS fluff) I’ve thought of what maybe some of the other popular books can put out in terms of ‘deathstar’ armies; More specifically my beloved Space Wolves. During my period … Continue reading

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For Sale

The list grows!

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For Sale!!

Items I have for sale including 40k, warmachine, & BFG. Copy and paste into your browser!

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