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Killzone Team

So, to start the campaign off we each needed to design a team of 175 points following the Killzone ruleset as well as the supplementary rules I wrote up..  This is what I’ve come up with: Team Leader (+1 wound) … Continue reading

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Killzone – Scenario 1

So for our upcoming campaign (which consequently begins tonight) Marshall has written up the first scenario and a bit of background fluff! Take a look below! Standing outside the dimly lit shack, the Space Marine’s power armour contrasted starkly with … Continue reading

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Revised Killzone Supplimentary Rules

So with the release of the new Killzone ruleset (available over at I have updated and revised our campaigns supplementary rules.  Available for download here: Killzone Campaign_rev1 Comments welcome!

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Ultramarines – The Movie

So a friend and I sat down last night and watched the new Space Marine movie – Ultramarines.  I thought the movie was not bad for Codex Pictures first outing but I felt like I was essentially watching a video … Continue reading

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Traitor Wolves – The Dreaded 13th – Updated

So as I promised, here are the revised pictures.  I’ve primed the army (don’t worry, it won’t end up that bright) minus the vehicles and a few models that need some finishing work.  My plans for next week are to … Continue reading

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I don’t normally do this but I have a bunch of warhammer stuff for sale on ebay.  Check em out here:   Auctions: Orks – Space Marines – Eldar Codex – Warhammer Fantasy 8th edition rulebook – … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays everyone!  Enjoy the time off work with friends and family!  Keep tuned for a couple of upcoming battle reports vs. Marshall’s Imperial Guard!

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Hey everyone… So in between our regular 40k games, the K40K group (Kelowna 40k) is going to start up a Killzone campaign (ruleset can be downloaded here:  If you haven’t played it, I recommend trying it.  The guy(s) over … Continue reading

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Basing finally complete (well almost!)

So I’ve finally finished the bases for my 1500 traitor wolves list… They’re painted and sealed.  When I say 90% done, I still need to add the scale bolter shells but I plan on doing that after I position the … Continue reading

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Change of Focus!

So I’ve been thinking about the blog lately, which is a good thing, as I want to go in a different direction.  Currently I try to post up any current rumours or news as I get it…  This is going … Continue reading

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