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Army Showcase!

This week we bring you something special; You all remember Marshall (the guy the consistently loses to me) and his Imperial guard right?   Portrait of an Army, countdown to Vegas : Chapter 1 In June, I am bringing my … Continue reading

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1500 Blood Angels

After a few games with my DoA list, I feel like I might want to switch it up a bit, maybe hybridize it a bit. This is what I’m thinking:   Librarian in TDA – 125 5 Assault Terminators /w … Continue reading

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1500 Space Wolves – Revised?

Hey, So I feel like I’m struggling vs 12 armour spam (read: Chimera) or really anything higher than 11 AV.  I’ve only got the 1 lascannon to reliably (even then not that reliable) hit higher armour.  I’ve also been finding … Continue reading

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Yep, back from Maui as of last night (midnight).  I’ll get back to posting new stuff as soon as I start building again. Something cool I discovered was that my Rifleman Dread made From the Warp’s Tuesday Top 10!!  How … Continue reading

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Hey everyone, Just a quick update to let you know I’ll be gone until the 15th to Mauii for holidays!  I don’t plan on doing anything 40k related or posting anything until then!  

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Red Corsairs – Cult of the Fallen Fluff!

So as some of you may know I’ve been struggling with the fluff for my lil’ traitors. I’ve taken a real shine to the Red Corsairs but I still want to make them semi-original. This is what I’ve come up … Continue reading

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Red Corsairs – Revised Rifleman Dread

I apologize for the blurry picture, its done with my iPhone.  I’ll try to get some better quality ones up tonight. I shortened the barrel to about 1/3 of its original length.  I think it looks much better this way … Continue reading

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Red Corsairs – Rifleman Dread + Count-as Sanguinor

So as promised, here are some better pictures of Baizaarshk, Lord of the Butchers (Counts as Sanguinor) and my Rifleman Dread conversion.   The Rifleman dread is the new Forgeworld Ironclad Dread body with ironclad arms.  I used the IG … Continue reading

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