1500 Chaos Space Wolves vs Death Guard

So this weekend I had the privilege of playing Rhys and his Astronomi-CON ready Death Guard, thanks to my wonderful wife looking after my son Lukas (May he never play Ultramarines).


Rhys’ 2000 point Death Guard list:

Nurgle Daemon Prince – Wings and Warptime

Nurgle Daemon Prince – Wings and Warptime

5 Terminator champions /w varying weaponry in a Land Raider

3 – 8 man Plague Marine squads – 2 with double melta, 1 with double plasma – all had a champ with a powerfist and rhinos

2 Possessed vindicators


My list was my Astro List /w the inclusion of a Leman Russ Demolisher + sponson multi-meltas and a bunch of hunter-killers (as I was short on models). I had to squadron my Hydras (I don’t like this).  My List: https://allouttabubblegum.wordpress.com/2010/11/11/67/


We played 3 games, 2 at 2000 points; My IG vs. his DG. The first game Rhys conceded at the end of turn 2 as I had crippled his mobility and taken out both of the daemon princes leaving me many turns to wipe out the footslogging plague marines. Rhys’ Land Raider was immobilized first turn with my manticore.


Game 2 we played until the game ended turn 5. I controlled my base and contested his. This game went similarly with both of the daemons being shot down early on (although 1 made it a turn away from assaulting my lines) and the Land Raider being destroyed first turn by the Manticore. Highlight of the game for me was pinning his terminators once disembarked from the wrecked land raider and Marbo coming in next turn and demo-charging all but 1.


Game 3 we Played 1500 points as I wanted to try out my newly built space wolves list. It’s finished being built, I’m just working on some details and green-stuffing now.


Rhys’ 1500 Death Guard List:

Nurgle Daemon Prince – Wings & Warptime

Nurgle Daemon Prince – Wings & Warptime


3 – 8 man Plague Marine squads – 2 with double melta, 1 with double plasma – all had a champ with a powerfist and a rhino


2 Possessed Vindicators

10 Killpoints


Ryan’s 1500 The Dreaded 13th List:

Rune Priest – Living Lightning, Jaws

Rune Priest – Living Lightning, Murderous Hurricane


5 Grey Hunters – Meltagun, Razorback (LasC + TL-Plasmagun) + Wolf Guard – Powerfist & Combi-Melta

8 Grey Hunters – Meltagun, Wolf Standard, MotW, Rhino + Wolf Guard – Powerfist & Combi-Melta

8 Grey Hunters – Meltagun, Wolf Standard, MotW, Rhino + Wolf Guard – Powerfist & Combi-Melta


4 Thunderwolves – 1 Thunder Hammer, 1 Storm Shield, 1 Meltabomb, 1 Vanilla


5 Long Fangs – 4 Missiles, Razorback (LasC + TL-Plasmagun)

5 Long Fangs – 4 Missiles, Razorback (LasC + TL-Plasmagun)

13 Killpoints


Game was Spearhead with Killpoints. I won the roll-off and opted to go first. The table was essentially a ruined countryside with 2 buildings opposite each other plus random walls and forests scattered throughout. I would say roughly 50% of the table was covered in terrain with 3 LoS blocking pieces. I choose the quarter with a building deep in deployment and good firing lanes down to the opposite quadrant. (I really need to start taking pictures, at least of the deployment).


I deployed a unit of long fangs in the building with great LoS to nearly the entire table and the other unit of long fangs in the forest next to the building with good LoS down the centre and right flank. Behind the forest, I deployed 2 empty razorbacks (both for a quick get-away and to help shore up the right flank) as well as my TWC. In front of the two buildings I deployed my 2 rhinos and the last razorback to the left of the building. I essentially left my left flank open but it was so choked with terrain that I was sure it would take nearly 4 turns to get to me that way.


Rhys essentially deployed in a line breaker formation with his 2 vindicators front and centre 12” away from the midpoint of the table. Behind this line was a daemon prince. To my right flank he deployed 2 rhinos out of LoS as well as a daemon prince. To my left flank he deployed 1 rhino out of LoS hoping to capitalize on my weak side.


Rhys tries to seize the initiative… And fails.


Turn 1 (SW):

  • I move very little, just my 2 rhinos ahead 6” to give me a bit of a buffer between the long fangs (In case of explosion).
  • Shooting from my long fangs, razorbacks, and rune priests downs the first daemon prince (to Rhys’ surprise). 8 missiles, 3 lascannons, and 7 autocannon shots SHOULD take one down, even with a 4+ cover save.

Turn 1 (DG)

  • Rhys shoves his vindicators forward 12” and smokes. The one daemon prince, seeing what happened to his mate, cowers behind the LoS blocking terrain. The two rhinos on the right flank fly forward 12” and smoke. The rhino on the left flank goes wide 12” and hides behind cover.

Turn 2 (SW)

  • All I can see are 2 vindicators and 2 rhinos on my right flank. I move my 2 front rhinos back 6” to hopefully be out of range 1 more turn. The TWC move forward 6”, just in front of the forest.
  • Shooting sees me wreck 1 rhino and stun the other. 2 Plague Marines die to rockets from the newly disembarked squad.

Turn 2 (DG)

  • The Daemon Prince stays put for another turn and the vindicators drives forward 6”.
  • The remaining rhino on the right flank shoots forward 6” while the one of the left goes another 12” behind some cover.
  • Plasmaguns fail to hurt the TWC and the vindicator shell scatters off my rhino. The other vindicator manages to kill 3 long fangs (sergeant and 2 missiles). They pass their moral test.


Turn 3 (SW)

  • I move/fleet my TWC to within 12” charge range of the plague marines.
  • Shooting sees me blow up 1 vindicator and immobilize/wreck the remaining rhino on my right. I also manage to blow up the rhino on the left with some lucky living lightning.
  • TWC charge the plague marines, killing the 6 through rending and powerfist attacks. They suffer no wounds in return thanks to the storm shield.

Turn 3 (DG)

  • The newly disembarked plague marines run away from the TWC 8” in total while the other newly disembarked plague marines shuffle towards my castle. The Daemon prince leaps/runs 18” behind the remaining vindicator which does no damage.

Turn 4 (SW)

  • The TWC shuffle towards the centre of the table, cutting off retreat while the rest of the army readies for the daemon prince.
  • Shooting blows off the vindicators main weapon. I murderous hurricane the plague marines on my left flank to slow them down and hopefully kill a few (1/6 chance) with Dangerous Terrain tests.
  • The Daemon Prince makes every armour/cover save it needs to take.

Turn 4 (DG)

  • The now weaponless Vindicator falls back while the DP jumps to within charging range of my rhino.
  • The plague marines in the middle stand their ground and take aim at the TWC, causing 2 wounds.
  • The plague marines on the left move towards me and lose 1 of their number.
  • The DP destroys my rhino and kills 2 members in the explosion.

Turn 5 (SW)

  • I unload 6 bolters, 2 meltas, 4 plasma shots, 3 lascannons, and 6 missiles into the DP and he only takes 2 wounds! At this point, both of my rune priests die to perils (yes I rolled double box cars and snakes eyes twice for each during the game!).
  • My TWC destroy the vindicator.
  • My other rhino disembarks and I charge the plague marines on the left, kill 3 in combat and losing 1 in return.

Turn 5 (DG)

  • DP flies towards my razorback with 5 guys in it and destroys it, killing 3 in the explosion.
  • Combat with plague marines sees me kill 2 and lose 3. Grey hunters are fine.

Turn 6 (SW)

  • DP dies to meltaguns while my missiles kill 4 of 8 plague marines in the centre who are wiped out by the TWC in combat.
  • Combat is close with me killing 1 and losing 2. Grey hunters stand.


At this point Rhys concedes but we continue to roll out the combat, with the plague marines winning overall, just the champion survives!


Things I learned from this game. Plague marines are tough! I mean, I knew they were but when a unit of grey hunters charges you, its reasonable to expect a couple will die! If I didn’t have my MotW’s rending attacks and the powerfist that combat would have gone badly for me a lot sooner.


The TWC are monsters but I think I’m going to use them differently. This game I sorta threw them out there and said, “Deal with them.” I’m thinking of dropping them down to three strong (thunder hammer, storm shield, vanilla) and sitting them behind my rhinos. They can help shore up a combat where I may need some help as well as be a rapid response unit (18”-24” threat range). With the 55 points saved, I was thinking of tossing in another missile marine to each long fang unit, bumping it up to 5 missiles a unit and 10 missiles total. I’ll need to playtest both to see which I like more as I still need/want the TWC to be a threat.

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