Quantum Games 2010 – Game 3 – CSM BatRep

Game 3 from the Quantum Games 2010 Tournament. For my list, see here:https://allouttabubblegum.wordpress.com/2010/11/11/67/)

Game 2 – Kill Points and Spearhead. Well, it was inevitable – a killpoint game was going to happen, and I have 20 of em. I won the roll to go first, HUZZAH!

His list (from memory):

  • Chaos Lord /w twin lightning claws (with the Termies)
  • Lash Daemon Prince
  • 5 TH/SS Termies /w Land Raider
  • 2x 10 Man CSM /w Rhinos – meltagun/missile launcher & power weapon
  • 1 Dreadnought /w plasma cannon
  • 1 Defiler
  • 5 Man raptor squad – don’t know equipment as they didn’t make it far
  • 5 Man bike sqad /w meltaguns


My List can be seen in here: https://allouttabubblegum.wordpress.com/2010/11/11/67/

I deploy in a corner with literally no terrain minus 1 small building. He’s not packing a lot of long range firepower and this leaves a good 12” bubble of empty ground he’s gotta cross to make it to me. Perfect for all my plasma and meltas. I deploy in my standard deployment which can be seen here: https://allouttabubblegum.files.wordpress.com/2010/11/scan2330_0001.pdf

He deploys opposite me throwing down the defiler, dreadnought and land raider 12” from centre reserving the rest.

I scout my vendettas 24”, one towards the land raider and the other down my deployment zone.

Finally, first turn. He rolls to seize the initiative…. AND DOES IT! DOH!

Turn 1 (CSM):

  • Land Raider flies forward 12” and smokes.
  • The dreadnought doesn’t go psycho and moves forward 6”, takes aim with its plasma cannon and blows the vendetta sky high! I pass pinning and lose 1 guy.

Turn 1 (IG):

  • I sit in my castle and laugh, foolish undivided… Know the power of KHORNE!!!! (My remaining vendetta moves 6” to get clear firing lanes at the dread and defiler.
  • Shooting stops his Land Raider from shooting and veterans from the vendetta wreck the dreadnought. My chimera with vets smokes.
  • Vendetta wrecks the defiler.

Turn 2 (CSM):

  • Reserves bring in daemon prince and 1 of the rhinos.
  • LR moves 12” towards my lines and disgorges termies + lord wrecking my vets chimera in assault.

Turn 2 (IG):

  • No Marbo
  • Nothing moves a whole lot.
  • Plasmaguns/pistol from my CCS wipe out the termies, leaving the lord standing alone.
  • Veterans in the open melta the lord into oblivion.
  • Manticore wrecks LR
  • Infantry squads autocannons wreck rhino

Turn 3 (CSM):

  • Reserves bring in bikes and remaining rhino. Bikes turbo boost towards my lines! CSM on foot run towards me. Daemon Prince flies closer, now within 18” of my chimeras.

Turn 3 (IG):

  • No Marbo!
  • I move my JCS and CCS in range of the turbo-boosted bikes.
  • Hydras + Manticore + Infantry squads send the daemon prince back to the warp.
  • Bikes pass all their cover saves from plasma but lose 2 to flamers. BPS causes them to run back 10”.
  • I wipe out the CSM’s on foot down to the champion.

Turn 4 (CSM);

  • Raptors come on and jump towards my lines
  • Bikes rally and move towards my lines
  • missile in rhino wrecks my remaining vendetta
  • lone champion + bikes charge my veterans in the open… ultimately 1 veteran runs away but kills the champion during combat.

Turn 4 (IG):

  • Marbo is in and I place him in cover within a couple inches of the raptors. He kills all but 2 of the raptors with the demo charge. Rather than BPS the raptors, I want them to charge marbo to see if he can take em.
  • My Hydras wreck the rhino and the manticore kills a couple.
  • Multi-lasers, etc finish off the bikes.

Turn 5 (CSM):

  • Raptors charge marbo who fails to kill any and dies in combat.
  • CSM advance towards me.

Turn 5 (IG):

  • I wipe everything off the table.

Game Over – Tabled, Khornes traitor legion prevails over all!!

Victory IG!

My opponent was doomed from the start. He had a lot of ground to cover with the last stretch being open. If he hadn’t of stolen the initiative it probably would have been over sooner.

My first real outing with the guard has lead me to realize a few things. I have enough firepower that most armies can’t afford to stay back and shoot, so they must come to me. The available firepower nearly doubles once they close in when you look at the plasma, melta, and heavy flamers in the list. The chimeras also buy me another turn of firepower as they need to spend a turn destroying them to get at the gooey insides. All in all, very powerful. Oh, btw, Hydras rock.

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