2500 Warriors of Chaos

So after much debating, going back and forth, I’ve finally decided on Warriors of Chaos. I played them back in 7th and really enjoyed them but when a vampire army came available, I switched armies. Now in 8th, with the standard warrior being as badass as he is, I think I can field a pretty decent army of them. The plan is a snow and ice themed army. I realize there is a unit of khorne warriors in the list, I just couldn’t make another themed tzeentch unit that I liked… Think of it as you will.

Now on to the list:

2500.0 Pts – Warriors of Blood and Ice – Warriors of Tzeentch Army

Sorcerer Lord (390.0 pts)

1 Sorcerer Lord of Tzeentch (General; Mark of Tzeentch; Level 4 Upgrade)

1 Enchanted Shield

1 Infernal Puppet

1 Talisman of Preservation

1 Ironcurse Icon

Exalted Hero (185.0 pts)

1 Exalted Hero of Tzeentch (Battle Standard Bearer) – (Mark of Tzeentch; Shield)

1 Talisman of Endurance

1 Favour of the Gods

Exalted Hero (190.0 pts)

1 Exalted Hero of Tzeentch (Mark of Tzeentch) on Disc of Tzeentch (Causes Fear; Flyer)

1 Sword of Battle

1 Charmed Shield

1 Golden Eye of Tzeentch

Chaos Warshrine (150.0 pts)

1 Chaos Warshrine of Tzeentch (Mark of Tzeentch)

Chaos Warshrine (150.0 pts)

1 Chaos Warshrine of Tzeentch (Mark of Tzeentch)

Chaos Knights (280.0 pts)

5 Chaos Knights of Tzeentch (Mark of Tzeentch; Standard Bearer; Barding; Shield; Causes Fear)

1 Blasted Standard

Chaos Warriors (353.0 pts) – UNIT 1

18 Chaos Warriors of Tzeentch (Mark of Tzeentch; Full Command; Shield)

1 Standard of Discipline

Chaos Warriors (391.0 pts) – UNIT 2

18 Chaos Warriors of Tzeentch (Mark of Tzeentch; Full Command; Halberd; Shield)

1 Banner of Rage

Chaos Warriors (411.0 pts) – UNIT 3

18 Chaos Warriors of Khorne (Mark of Khorne; Full Command; Halberd; Shield)

1 Razor Standard

Total Roster Cost: 2500.0

On to the units. I considered having my sorcerer on the disc but being he’s the only caster I have I decided to throw him into the unit of tzeentch warriors /w the banner of discipline. So obviously lore of tzeentch as its still a powerful lore while being insanely cheap to cast now. The enchanted shield and talisman of preservation give him a 2+/(3-) save making him nigh invulnerable against all but the most killy of lords… And even then. The infernal puppet is fairly obvious, I don’t want my miscasts resulting in the blast plate and killing warriors and making my enemies worse is great as well. The ironcurse icon provides the unit a 5+ (because of MoT) invulnerable save vs. warmachines… again with the 3+/(-5) they should be pretty resilient.

The BSB joins the Tzeentch warriors with HW/S and the banner of discipline as they are fairly protected. He’s basically geared for protection with the favour added to help get the stubborn/(4-) save on the gods table.

The other exalted hero is for war machine/wizard hunting given the flying disc he’s on. He’s got lots of WS7, Str 5 attacks and is protected by a 2+ save. The 3+ ward helps against anything flying at him on the way over and the charmed shield is there to stop the odd cannonball bouncing through. Once he’s finished with war machines, if he’s still alive, he can help out wherever my warriors are.

The two warshrines are to make a unit of warriors even more buff obviously. With the right rolls I could end up with Str 5 warriors, 4 attacks each with a 4+ ward save and stubborn! Additionally, given that the warshrines are T6 with 6 wounds and a 4+(-3) save, they are going to be AWESOME at tying most things up. If I can get the charge, the can even tie up ranked units pretty well as it still puts out a fair number of WS5 attacks.

The chaos knights are more of an aesthetic choice than purely competitive. They got hit less than other knights simply because of their str 5 multiple attacks and marks, but you could probably do more with dragon ogres (which I’m planning for larger games). In any case, these are to draw some fire as they are a 1+/(-4) and slam into flanks or other outriders. Unless I absolutely need to, I won’t be throwing them head-on into a large ranked up brick.

The warriors of chaos I have broken up into UNIT1, UNIT2, and UNIT3 for simplicity sake when referring to them. UNIT1 is my centre anchor. My sorcerer and BSB will be in there so they’ll have a 3+/(-5 vs warmachines) and a 3+/(-5 parry save). Essentially, I’m going to throw them into something to tie it up until my killier warriors/knights can flank. The standard of discipline is a neat trick in that it grants the unit +1 LD but they can’t use their generals leadership. Not a problem as they’ll be LD 9. The neat thing is since my general is in the unit, he’s now LD 9 and grants it to everyone else within 12”. BAM, suddenly I have a decent LD army. UNIT2 are tzeentch warriors but with halberds and the banner of rage to essentially make them warriors of Khornish but with a 6+ invulnerable save. So they’re 3 str 5 attacks at WS and I 5 each… Pretty killy. UNIT3 are the Khorne warriors (as I wanted 3 attacks) with Halberds and the armour piercing banner. So no invulnerable save but -3 to armour. I’ll throw them into the more heavily armoured stuff.

And that’s the list. Zero shooting, pretty much 8” movement and 64 models. Everything in the list can kick your ass in CC though. I feel I have enough protection to make it to my opponent but this list is going to rely on needing to make it to them with enough numbers remaining. Give the new speedier Warhammer though, it shouldn’t be a problem. Dwarfs will probably be my toughest matchup!



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