Quantum Games – Space Marine BatRep

Game 2 from the Quantum Games 2010 Tournament. For my list, see here:https://allouttabubblegum.wordpress.com/2010/11/11/67/)

Game 2 – Capture and Control and Dawn of War Deployment. Again, kinda crappy for me as I really wanted to knock his Land Raider out first turn – Due to night fight – a lot was not going to see. He placed is objective board edge corner while I placed mine board edge centre. He won the roll-off to go first.

His list (from memory):

  • Vulkan (with the Termies)
  • 5 TH/SS Termies /w Redeemer Land Raider
  • 3x 10 Man Tactical Squads /w Rhinos – 2 with meltagun/missile launcher & power fist, 1 with flamer & combi-melta
  • 2x Vindicators /w dozer blades
  • 1 Land Speeder /w multi-melta & heavy flamer (reserved)
  • 1 Land Speeder /w multi-melta & typhoon missile launcher (reserved)

I deployed nothing as did he.

I roll to seize the initiative….. and fail.

Turn 1 (SM):

  • The two missile tac squads roll on, stopping on either side of his objective.
  • The vindicator rolls on the other side of his deployment. The second vindicator, flamer tac squad and land raider roll out opposite my objective.

Turn 1 (IG):

  • Everything but my Veterans (in chimera) and JCS (in chimera) roll on to the left of my objective (making him choose between my objective and killing me). The two above chimeras roll on opposite his objective behind cover. My left Vendetta uses grav-chute insertion to drop it’s veterans next to the solo vindi. My other vendetta scoots up to head off the land raider.
  • Shooting stops his Land Raider from shooting and wrecks the solo Vindi. Night fight pretty much screwed me from stopping him in his tracks. Most of my stuff that doesn’t shoot, smokes.

Turn 2 (SM):

  • Reserves bring in nothing.
  • Flamer tac, vindi, and land raider drive towards my lines.
  • Vendetta opposite his land raider is wrecked and 3 guardsmen die from the resulting blast. Nothing else results from shooting as it either misses or I make the cover save.

Turn 2 (IG):

  • No Marbo
  • My two chimeras opposite his objective creep towards his objective, biding their time! The vendetta moves backwards 6”.
  • Shooting has me blow up the flamer rhino, stun the remaining vindi, blow off the LR’s MM (I seriously could not destroy this thing all game), stun one of the missile rhinos, and kill the flamer tac squad down to the sergeant and flamer. Using the Battle Psyker Squad (BPS) I make the squad run.

Turn 3 (SM):

  • No Reserves!
  • Land Raider approaches my lines and disgorges Vulkan and the Termies.
  • Remaining Vindi veers off to find some cover and be within shelling range of my objective.
  • Machine Spirited Assault Cannon blows up infantry chimera and redeemer flamer wipes out veteran squad minus 1 melta vet (who stands).
  • 2 remaining members of the flamer tac squad move towards the vets who melted the vindi and wipe them out to a man minus 1 melta (they flee).
  • Vulkan and Co wreck CCS chimera in CC.

Turn 3 (IG):

  • No Marbo!
  • My JCS moves 12” towards his objective behind a piece of cover.
  • The lone meltagun falls back, out of range of anything so I take him off the table. The other lone melta moves toward the lone vindi.
  • Everything else preps for the termies.
  • Shooting sees 4/5 termies fall and flee with vulkan due to battle psyker squad. My other infantry chimera escorts them off the table all game. I kill the two remaining marines and stun the vindi. Hydra’s immobilize one of this rhinos.

Turn 4 (SM);

  • Both speeders come in. Flamer/MM speeder lands near my objective but is out of flamer range. Typhoon speeder lands behind my JCS chimera. Land Raider shoves deep into my lines, looking to block LoS and be a distraction.
  • Shooting is fairly ineffective with me either making cover saves or losing a guardsman here and there.

Turn 4 (IG):

  • Marbo is in and I place him in cover within 3” of my opponents objective. My JCS pulls up in front of his base, just out of objective range. Vendetta flies 12” towards his objective.
  • Marbo destroys storm bolter off of non-immobilized rhino. Manticore immobilizes land raider. Vendetta stuns vindicator.
  • Hydras blows up Typhoon speeder and shake flamer/MM speeder.

Turn 5 (SM):

  • Space marines pile out of immobile rhino and fire a few bolters/meltagun at side of chimera (nothing happens). Other rhino fires meltagun/missile at Marbo, who goes to ground and lives. Storm bolter takes a wound off him.

Turn 5 (IG):

  • JCS chimera rams itself into immobile rhino but does no damage. 4 flamers out the top kills all but 2 space marines – BPS out of range. Vendetta goes 12” towards objective and stuns vindicator.

Turn 6 (SM):

  • Marbo is cut down by a hail of bolter fire from newly disembarked tac squad. JCS chimera is wrecked via powerfist/meltagun. Due to models and positioning only 2 models make it out of the chimera – right onto his objective.
  • Flamer/MM speeder turbo-boosts onto my objective.

Turn 6 (IG):

  • Vendetta goes fast onto his objective.
  • Hydras destroy flamer/mm speeder. At this point, my infantry squad is now holding my objective.

Game Ends!

Victory IG!

It was close, another turn and my vendetta/2 guardsmen would probably be dead (due to meltaguns and marines)… But that’s the dice gods for you! I’ll post up my BatRep with Chaos Space Marines tomorrow!


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