WiP – Sanguinary Guard & Test Scheme

Hey hey hey!

Finally finished building the sanguinary guard (or really whatever power weapon toting machines I want) with the magnetic backpacks. Check em out, comments welcome. They’re built out of various kits (and green stuff) – GK Helms and weapons, Sergeant chests, champion shoulders, & Assault legs with the bases also being Scribor.

The last picture is a small test scheme I did. Ignore the limbs and surrounding areas, the chest is what the finished project will look like. Its a dead flesh base with layers of blending up to bleached bone. Gives em a nice ethereal glow imo.

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Plays X Wing! (And sometimes Warmachine...)
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2 Responses to WiP – Sanguinary Guard & Test Scheme

  1. will says:

    I really like the chest of the test model, the coloring is creepy. What color will you do the armor trim?

    • Crimzzen says:

      I’m not sure I’ll do the trim any different, perhaps another shade lighter but that’s probably it. I plan on doing the helmet red (to match my vehicles) and probably add some browns in there.

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