1750 Necrons – Balanced /w Explanation!

Overlord – Warscythe, Command Barge, Tachyon Arrow 210 – This guy can pop off his str 10 ap 1 shot first turn and then use the command barges guns in the following turns.  Ultimately, he’s gonna be used when the enemies vehicles drive near and he can use his 3 str 7 + 2d6 sweep attacks to open up a vehicle, regardless of how fast it went.  I’d like 2 but they’re pricy.

Royal Court – Harbinger of Destruction Cryptek with Solar Pulse 55 – You need to take a royal court if you take an overlord (I think) good thing this guy is excellent.  Harbinger upgrade gives you the eldritch lance (anti tank) and the solar pulse basically denies your enemy alpha strike.

5x Immortals – Tesla Carbines, Night Scythe 185  -Scoring troops, You can either drop the guys off first turn (I would drop all but 1 probably) and use it as a gunboat.  Can pop light armor or hurt infantry.  The weird portal rules for the scythe will take a bit of thought but ultimately I think its a good rule to have… Potential to protect your troops until turn 5 from shooting.  Hold your objective and contest the rest.

5x Immortals – Tesla Carbines, Night Scythe 185

5x Immortals – Tesla Carbines, Night Scythe 185

5x Immortals – Tesla Carbines, Night Scythe 185

Triarch Stalker 150 – AV13 anti-tank… Nuff said.

Triarch Stalker 150

2 Heavy Destroyers 120 – Lascannons on jump infantry.  Overpriced? Yes.  However they should be pretty easy to hide and are pretty immune to small arms fire (T5 3+).

Annihilation Barge 90 – Lots of shots for cheap.

Annihilation Barge 90

3 Canoptek Spider – 150 – Hmmm, 9 wounds on a T6 Model? 50 points each? 9 Attacks ignoring armour at str 6?  YES!  A decent counter-punch unit for necrons.  Stick em midfield.  I realize we are missing out on the scarab ability… If you want it you could drop an annihilation barge for a unit of em.


1755/1750 – You’d need to drop 5 points for tourney play but really its a strong list.

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