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Something evil this way comes…

Keep an eye here, going to reactivate this blog.

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For Sale

Trying to clear out some extra stuff to make some room for the new baby! Shoot me an offer on anything or everything.  The only stipulation is you need to come pick it up or pay for shipping.  I also … Continue reading

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Hey everyone, I really need some help with this one.  I’m trying to find the Hellhound Chem Cannon bit.  I’ve attached a picture of it below to help.  I scoured the internet and bought ANY that I could find but … Continue reading

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Hellllloooooooooooooooooooo Babyyyyyyyyyyy!   I’m looking to update my blogroll with more people dedicated to the hobby… So if you would like your blog added to allouttabubblegum just add a comment to this post (and subscribe!).  All I ask in return … Continue reading

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WiP – Sanguinary Guard & Test Scheme

Hey hey hey! Finally finished building the sanguinary guard (or really whatever power weapon toting machines I want) with the magnetic backpacks. Check em out, comments welcome. They’re built out of various kits (and green stuff) – GK Helms and … Continue reading

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To follow up on yesterdays list, I magnetized all the assault marines jump packs and sergeants arms so that I can quickly swap to a jump pack list.  2 armies with 1 paintjob! Libby – Blood Lance, Sanguinary Shield, Jump … Continue reading

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Back from the Dead – 1750 BA

Hey guys, Sorry for the MASSIVE DELAY in posts, I’ve been furiously rebuilding my marines (will have pics up soon).  For today, I thought I’d post up my BA list I’m going to starting using for the next tourney season … Continue reading

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FOR SALE – Scribor stuff plus more!

Hey everyone, Continuing to liquidate stuff I no longer need/use.  Includes scribor stuff, fantasy/40k stuff, forgeworld missile launcher dudes (listed tonight), and MORE!   Link to my eBay seller store:

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Today’s the day – Off to Astronomi-CON

Well, today’s the day – We driving down to Vancouver (4 hrs) for the annual Astronomi-CON tourney. K40K is being represented by: Ryan Z – Red Corsairs (SW) – AKA Crimzzen (owner of this very blog) Marshall R – NAF … Continue reading

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For Sale

The list grows!

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