1750 Imperial Guard vs Ultramarines

Hey everyone,

As promised, battle report #2 – Traitor Guard of Khorne VS. Ultramarines!

My list was the 1750 tourney one used against Will’s Iron Warriors.

1750 Ultramarines (from memory):
1 sternguard squad /w various combi-weapons in a drop pod
2 tactical squads /w lascannons, plasmaguns, & plasma pistols
1 tactical squad /w power fist, meltagun, plasma cannon, rhino
5 TH/SS/LC Termies
1 Godhammer
1 Predator /w triple lascannon & Chronus

Pitched deployment with 5 objectives (again!)  2 objectives were placed centrally.  2 were placed 12″ from his deployment edge and 1 from mine.

I won first turn (thank you tarot) and deployed my forces in a castle formation.  Manticore flanked by 2 hydras in the back.  Surrounded by 2 infantry squad chimeras, 1 veteran chimera, 1 JCS chimera, and the empty veteran chimera (for the inquisitor).  My CCS chimera deployed out of LOS but within 12″ of the inquisitors chimera.  The vendettas flanked the castle on each side.

My opponent deployed opposite me with the LR 12″ (termies and lysander inside) from his deployment edge and the predator directly behind (out of LOS).  The two foot tact squads combat with each lascannon sitting on one of the objectives and the other 5 marines in support.  The 10 man squad and the rhino deploy beside the LR, ready to rush midfield.

I scout my vendettas up, 1 within 8″ of the LR and the other within 10″ of the 5 man lascannon team.  My inquisitor embarks into the chimera and the veterans in a chimera scoot up the left flank, behind some cover.  Shooting sees the LR explode killing 3 guardsmen.  The other disembarked veteran squad tosses a demo charge and fires meltaguns into the marines into the open, the lascannon and plasmagun survive.  Manticore blows off the tl lascannon on the pred while 1 of the hydras immobilized the rhino.  My remaining fire pours into the terminators killing one and wounding Lysander twice.

Josh moves the terminators towards the vet squad that wrecked the landraider and moves the combatted squad of marines towards my other vets.  His drop pod full of sternguard try to come down where my vets chimera was but promptly scatter off the table and are removed from play!  Everything else stays where it is.  Shooting sees my vendetta opposite his pred immobilized and a couple of chimeras are stunned.  He repairs his rhino.  Combat sees my veterans charged by termies wiped out while the other veterans are brought down to 4 guys, killing all but the sergeant in CC.

I push my JCS forward and smoke.  Shooting sees the pred destroyed and marines across the table whittled down in numbers.  The terminators lose 1 more. Rhino is immobile again.

Josh moves very little, setting up a charge on my immobile vendetta blowing it up with thunderhammers.

At this point its pretty much cleanup.  I drop 4 flamers plus all chimera shooting onto the terminators, wiping them out.  Marines are dropped drastically low in numbers and we decide to call it.  We both agree that the game was pretty much over after my first turn as I crippled his mobility and had enough shooting to stop him from getting anywhere close.  Good game guard!

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