1500 Space Wolves List

So, I had such a blast at Astronomi-CON this year that I’m already planning for next year!  I want a head-start this year in order to present a nicely painted/thoroughly play-tested Space Wolves army!  This is the 8th iteration of the Army, purely based on conversations and math-hammer.  Next is play-testing.  Comments welcome!

Ideas behind the list are below.


100 Rune Priest – Living Lightning, Jaws of the World Wolf

110 Rune Priest – Living Lightning, Murderous Hurricane – chooser of the slain


119 3x Wolf Guard – 3 combi meltas, 2 powerfists, 1 power sword


185 8x Grey Hunters – Meltagun, Mark of the Wulfen, Wolf Standard, Rhino

185 8x Grey Hunters – Meltagun, Mark of the Wulfen, Wolf Standard, Rhino

115 5x Grey Hunters – Flamer, Razorback /w TL-Heavy Bolter

125 5x Grey Hunters – Meltagun, Wolf Standard, Rhino


110 1x Thunderwolf Cavalry – Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield

70 1x Thunderwolf Cavalry – Wolf Claw


190 5x Long Fangs – 4 missile launchers, Razorback /w TL-Plasmagun & Lascannon

190 5x Long Fangs – 4 missile launchers, Razorback /w TL-Plasmagun & Lascannon

TOTAL: 1499

Downsides to the list -16 KP, lowish model count at 43 Armoured Dudes plus 6 AV11 Vehicles, No super killy HQ to combat other super killy HQs, & -4 comp score resulting in 16/20 comp points (-1 for 2nd HQ, -1 for 4th troop, -1 for 2nd fast, and -1 for 2nd heavy).

HQs – I originally had 1 rune priest and 1 wolf lord on a thunderwolf but I think the lord is just too many points for 1500.  He and the TWC wouldn’t kill enough to justify their cause, and really, I can just Jaws/8 missiles anything nasty.  The 2 rune priests are super cheap, add powerful anti-psykerness (see what I did there) to the army, and can both blast from a distance or mix it up close.  Jaws is awesome for those nasty big things you just don’t want to deal with, even the fast stuff is usually worth trying for.  Living Lightning lets me sit back and plunk away at anything within LoS – really a great versatile power.  Murderous Hurricane helps thin out hordes and puts stuff in terrain.  Another must have power.  I put chooser on the shooty guy as I plan on sitting him midfield and just LL/MH’ing EVERYTHING!  The other joins one of the 8man units.

Elites – I waffled on including these guys…  Its a lot of points for 3 guys, a couple of power fists/combi meltas and a power sword but ultimately I think its worth it.  The increased leadership and attacks, plus the power fists should come in handy.  I didn’t put a powerfist on the last guy as he sits with the 5 man unit in the rhino, midfield.  I figured with the lower model count, I’m going to rely on getting as many attacks in before I get cut down.  I might consider the powerfist though as playtesting continues.

Troops – This loadout gives me 4 scoring troops, 2 of which can smash face.  The two 8 man squads scoot midfield and defend.  With 19 bodies (16 grey hunters, 2 wolf guard, and 1 rune priest) I’m pretty sure I can hold my own.  The 5 man unit in the rhino gets the other rune priest and wolf guard with power sword and patrol between midfield and my deployment – going where required with the rune priest shooting out the top.  Finally, the razorback sits backfield on an objective (probably starting in reserve) plinking away with a heavy bolter.  The flamer is cost effective and helps out with nasty things outflanking (which are generally poorly armoured).  Given the nastiness of grey hunters /w wolf standards and power fists, I think 29 of these armoured jerks should be plenty.

Fast – Another area I waffled on.  I wanted to include a big 5 man unit with a wolf lord but its just too many points for 1500.  I finally settled on 2 solos – 1 they can help out my grey hunters midfield and 2 they are just badass.  The TH/SS seeks out big bad monsters and goes to work while the wolf claw helps out with the grey hunters midfield.  With fleet and a 12″ charge, they are a great counter-attack unit.  We’ll see how solo’s perform though.  I’ll need to keep them tucked behind rhinos, out of LoS to avoid them dying early on.

Heavy – Long Fangs /w missiles and razorbacks – nuff said.  Able to redeploy quickly and pour out firepower.


My ultimate plan with this army was to have enough shooting that against all but the most shooty armies, I can sit back and plink away – forcing you to me.  Against the super shooty armies, I should have enough guys to make it to you and proceed to rip you apart.  More after playtesting!


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