1750 – Imperial Guard vs. Dark Angels

Hey everyone,

So this weekend I played a number of 1750 point games with my tourney IG list.  I haven’t played my guard much so I thought it was time to checkout how the list plays.  My opponent, Will, was fielding an impressive Iron Warriors army using the Dark Angels codex.  I apologize for the lack of pictures but I forgot my camera this weekend.  As a side note, his army won best painted at this years Vancouver Astronomi-CON.

Traitor Khorne – an IG list:

Company Command Squad – 3 plasma guns, 1 plasma pistol, medic – Chimera /w H. Flamer


Guardsman Marbo

Inquisitor – 2 Mystics, 1 Sage, Psycannon, Emperors Tarot







Manticore (heavy flamer)


IG Platoon

JCS – 4x flamer – Chimera /w H. Flamer

Infantry squad – grenade launcher, Autocannon – Chimera /w H. Flamer

Infantry squad – grenade launcher, Autocannon – Chimera /w H. Flamer

Veterans – 3x meltaguns, demolitions – Chimera /w H. Flamer

Veterans – 3x meltaguns, demolitions – Chimera /w H. Flamer

Veterans – 3x meltaguns, demolitions

Dark Angels List (from memory):


3x Termi Squads – assault cannon, 1 chainfist, 1 powerfist

Speeder – Multimelta

10x Assault marines – power fist

2x Demolishers


It was pitched battle /w 5 objectives.  The objectives were all placed in the middle, 12″ from each other.  I won the roll off and opted to go second (as I was sure very little would be on the table for me to alpha strike).

I deploy everything in the middle of my deployment zone with the Hydras and manticore in the back.  2 veteran squads embarked onto vendettas leaving 1 chimera open which my Inquisitor deployed behind.  I shielded everything with the infantry squad chimeras, JPS chimera, and the CCS chimera.  Marbo reserved.  I scout my 2 vendettas up the field, 24″.

Will deploys 2 demolishers 12″ from his table edge across from my castle.  A whirlwind and speeder are put on his left, out of LoS.  The assault marines are placed behind the demolishers.  He uses the DA assault and brings down 2 termy squads, one with Belial.  Fearing the Inquisitor and the CCS plasma, the 2 termy squads deepstrike midfield on objectives and each scatter 9″ towards me.  His demolishers drive 6″ towards me and the assault marines jump towards one of the vendettas.  The speeder flies behind my other vendetta.  Shooting from the termies/speeder sees my vendetta next to his whirlwind go down.  Veterans spill out beside the whirlwind.  Shooting from the demolishers wrecks my CCS chimera and the JCS chimera – killing 1 sergeant and 3 flamers.  Both pass pinning tests.

I drive my veterans chimera towards the terminators /w Belial and disembark the veterans.  I disembark my veterans from the vendetta next to the demolishers and fly the vendetta 6″ away from the jump marines.  The CCS jumps into the empty chimera while the inquisitor moves onto the chimera wreckage for cover.  My veterans toss a demo satchel (plus 3x melta) on Belials squad, killing Belial and all the termies but 1 champion who is later gunned down from mass multilaser fire.  My CCS finds their plasma out of range of the second termie squad but loses no one to gets hot rolls however 1 termie succumbs to h. flamer fire.  My veterans up field destroy both the whirlwind and a demolisher while my lone vendetta stuns the remaining demolisher.  My hydras finish of the speeder.  My manticore drops the assault marines down to 4 members will 2 lucky hits.

Will doesn’t roll his last unit of termies in.  The jump marines move towards my veteran squad hoping to destroy them in revenge for the destruction of their demolisher.  His termies move towards my CCS chimera (into assault range).  Nothing happens from shooting.  The jump marines destroy the veterans losing no one in return while his terminators immobilize and blow off all the chimeras guns.  However, it is intact and the unit inside is able to fire.

Marbo comes in, I re-embark my veterans and drive into H. Flamer range with my chimera.  Marbo satchel charges the termies, killing 2.  The CCS plasma finishes off the rest.  Combine fire from the veterans and hydras kills the remaining jump marines while my vendetta destroys the demolisher.

Wills last squad of termies comes in, – next to the inquisitor.  I fire my CCS plasma at them using the mystics and manage to kill all but 2.  The termies bust out their heavy flamer and kill everyone but the inquisitor.

My turn sees the termies wiped out, Victory IG.


An intense battle to be sure as I haven’t had the pleasure of fighting the Dark Angels before.  Their codex is showing age though as I found their termies to be underwhelming and overpriced.  The IG did extremely well.  I found that I had the range to deal with deep threats and all sort of tools to deal with anything in close.  I must say that the satchel charge and melta bombs IS WELL WORTH the 30 points.  I can see scouting up those vendettas and satchel charging important targets first turn as a very powerful tool.

Look out for my report VS. Josh’s space marines tomorrow!

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