Astronomi-CON 2011 – Vehicles Done!

As many of you readers may know, this weekend is the 2011 Astronomi-CON – Vancouver Edition:

My original goal (last year’s Astro) was to have a fully built and painted Space Wolves army for this years Astro.  Obviously that didn’t happen (my hobby time reduced since having kids – well worth it).  My new goal was at least 3 colours on all my infantry (completed) and vehicles finished.  As of last night, all my vehicles are painted and ready to go!  Includes 3 rhinos, 1 razorback, 1 predator, and 1 dreadnought!

These were taken last night with my iPhone so please pardon the crappiness of the photos!

I’m going to try to have pictures of the armies at the event this year so stay posted after the weekend!


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5 Responses to Astronomi-CON 2011 – Vehicles Done!

  1. Thor says:

    They look great, especially all together to see it as a whole. Good luck at Astronomi-CON also!

  2. Crimzzen says:

    Thanks dude, much appreciated!

  3. Marshall Reeves says:

    You got some red paint and some skulls on your Space Wolves, did you know??

    Pro tip : I find the paint colour “Space Wolf Grey” is pretty easy to use, even for someone that is just starting out miniature painting.

    • Marshall Reeves says:

      For realz though they look badass.
      Where is the front of that one Rhino from? The black one. I don’t know if i’ve ever noticed but it is very clearly not from the standard kit that i’m aware of…

      • Marshall Reeves says:

        (By black one I mean the bottom left one. I said black because it looks like it has more black sans window hatch :P)

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