1500 Blood Angels

After a few games with my DoA list, I feel like I might want to switch it up a bit, maybe hybridize it a bit. This is what I’m thinking:


  • Librarian in TDA – 125
  • 5 Assault Terminators /w TH/SS – 225
  • Furioso Dreadnought /w Blood talons, Heavy flamer, & Extra Armour – 150
  • 2 Priests /w Jump packs – 150
  • 10 Assault Marines /w 2 Meltaguns, Infernus Pistol, Power Fist – 250
  • 10 Assault Marines /w 2 Meltaguns, Infernus Pistol, Power Fist – 250
  • 5 Assault Marines /w 1 Meltagun, Power Fist – 135
  • Stormraven Gunship /w TL-LasCan, TL-MM, 4 Bloodstrike Missiles, Extra Amour – 215


The librarian joins the terminators to give them Preferred Enemy (unleash rage) and embarks with the dreadnought on the stormraven. The raven either boost forward 24” and TL-MM’s something if I go first or reserves only to come on 24” (Unless they have very little range in which I can just launch a salvo of 72” missiles)


Priests join marines obviously and will probably all reserve in a DoA style. The furioso will hopefully help to turn hordes/marines/anything into a fine mist and should be able to rip through 10 marines a turn in close. Extra armour to keep him moving, and that AV13 is going to be difficult to stop. He’s also packing a meltagun and heavy flamer to sow some damage before he charges.


So its very similar to my last list, I swapped out Sang and the Veterans for basically the raven, dread and termies. I’m hoping the termies will perform a similar roll as the Sang and go after the big stuff.


Can’t wait to try it out.

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2 Responses to 1500 Blood Angels

  1. Wesley says:

    Great list lots of fun stuff to pretty much take out anything that comes your way.

    Im not a big fan of the infernus pistol myself because of its sort range (3″ for 2d6 penetration) and find its only useful if your playing a heavy mech list at 1500 where every melta counts. Against a horde army like Orks, those 30 pts would be better spent on Hurricane bolters on the Stormraven.

  2. Crimzzen says:

    I really wish the infernus pistol was 10 pts, it would be a great bargain. As it stands, I really need this army to spend minimal time cracking open vehicles so the extra str 8 shot really helps out. A secondary use is being able to toss another wound on big daemons or monstrous creatures which can also really give this army trouble.

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