Grey Knight Rumours – Batch 2

From Blood Of Kittens!

Remembered something about 2000 point armies being about 20 models well this is what I mean…

The reason I held this last leak back is for no other reason than my idealized vision of what Space Marines have always been thematic depicted as. The fluff is filled with stories of Heroic deeds suck things like 10 marines holding back whole armies. This is the first unit that I feel is starting to get to that point of fluff becomes table top reality.

Grey Knights will be see the return of the 2 wound terminator. These new elite terminators will have 2 wounds and FNP and access to all the upgrades and options of all GKT in the codex. To make things more interesting one special character can make these terminators troop choices. What remains to be seen is if they will get Eternal Warrior…

This is pretty damn cool… Harkens back to the Movie Marines codex!  Thoughts?  Remember to sign up for blog updates (top right corner!)

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1 Response to Grey Knight Rumours – Batch 2

  1. Marshall says:

    Meh. I have mixed feelings about this.
    On one hand, I like the idea of 5 terminators taking on a huge amount of enemies… and 2 wounds (with allocation, of course) and FNP would give them the edge they need to do that (as well as their other, S5 boltguns, power weapons, all the goods)

    However, I don’t like them overpowering regular terminators that much. It’s sooo far beyond Space Marine terminators in terms of strength and durability that you would be hard pressed to see regular Terminators as the great, unstoppable warriors they are supposed to be (not that the GKterms aren’t better, I agree they should be tabletop wise and fluff, but they shouldn’t outshine them THAT much)

    I think they should be better than regular terminators in terms of weaponskill, perhaps initiative, and psychic powers, etc etc… plus maybe greater weapons and the like, but I think the key should be TACTICAL options for them to be used more effectively. One time use abilities… psychic powers that dramatically boost speed, strength, whatever… heroic intervention perhaps… etc, etc.

    That would improve them hugely and not make the regular marine terminators look like second rate foot soldiers..

    Your thoughts?

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