6TH edition PDF Leak – Fake?

The below comes from http://www.imperiusdominatus.com


Got this info about the 6th ed leak. It was done on a home edition of the program that GW use the professional version of, this version was 1.5 vs the 1.6 that GW use for all their other (older) published files. The files origin is Glasgow not Lenton unlike all their published files and the file author is named Robert Smithe, not GWPLC like all their other published files.


What are your thoughts?

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7 Responses to 6TH edition PDF Leak – Fake?

  1. Marshall says:

    As you know, I suspected something like this.

    Fakers gonna fake!

    Not believing anything till some sort of announcement is made by GW or something 😛

    • Crimzzen says:

      I still think it’s an early draft. Most work like this isn’t done in ADOBE, it’s done in Word or something similar. Someone could have just as easily snapped up the word document and made a PDF on their own system (hence the miss-matching author, etc). Similarly GW could have sent it out for some reason to another firm. Part of me hopes this is an earlier draft and part of me hopes it isn’t. I feel like this ruleset is too much of a shakeup, it needs to be toned down. That being said, I do like some of the changes like snipers directing shots etc – The flavor changes.

  2. seferoth says:

    If these are the new rules then consider me a happy boy. Ive read through the book 3 times now and like it more with every read. Everything from what Ive read so far lead me to believe that games will be faster paced now. Wound allocation is far less exploitable with armor groups. Meltas are not the guaranteed vehicle killer like they were(no +1 for AP1). More standardizing USR. Point win system with multiple ways to win.

    So many good features.

    • Crimzzen says:

      Unfortunately these rules have been confirmed fake, apparently they’re from a gaming group in the UK who wrote their own modified set of rules to game with. There are things I do like in there but I feel like it would have been too big of a change. GW should definitely take a few pieces from this though.

      • Big Jim says:

        Can you give me a link to this confirmation? Cause an anonymous some guys in the UK did them does not work for me.


      • Crimzzen says:

        Hey Jim,

        It was unfortunately read in passing, jumping from blog to blog but I’ll do my best to hunt it down again! Great Podcast by the way, look forward to it every week.

  3. seferoth says:

    To bad. Game needs a change like this in my opinion.

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