Trollbloods – Fluff and Pictures

This band of fennblades partrols the southern marshlands of their homeland.  Constantly on the lookout for enemy scouting parties or any others who dare trespass on their lands.  Lead by the charasmatic…

Cauldron Stonejaw (Counts as Calandra Truthsayer)

Cauldron, a seer of sorts, leads this ragtag band of outliers.  They have been tasked by Doomshaper himself to patrol the marshes and provide warning (and indeed the first line of defense) of approaching humans or undead.  Cauldron, unbeknownst to Calandra and himself, is the older sibling of the two who were seperated during The Great Migration.  With the help of his fennblades, allied gobbers, and the stars, Cauldron is more than capable holding his ground.

Cauldrons battleground includes a Bomber (no model yet, waiting for the plastic kit), an impaler and a runebearer.

The core of Cauldrons forces is formed up of fennblades, masters of the marshes.

Leading the Fennblades is a Fell Caller Hero

As well the party includes a Chronicler to record enemy positions as well as the honor of Cauldron.

Cauldron has also enlisted the help of a runeshaper – Rok Earthshaper (Counts as Janissa)

The gobbers (considered a less race by others) knowing full well what’ll happen to them should the Trolls lose their homeland have pledged help Cauldron by providing support from below.  My counts as Pyg Burrowers.

As well as my swamp gobber bellows crew (still working on one)

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