Trollbloods – 35 Points

So my Trolls are FINALLY coming together.  I’ve built all of the actual troll models out of the plastic fennblades kit (lots of cutting and GW bits) while building the pyg burrowers out of gretchin and 3rd party helmets.  I built my impaler out of the fennblade kit and I’m currently waiting for plastic dire trolls to build a bomber 😀 (Look for pictures next week).

The list:

(35/35) Calandra Truthsayer +5

  • What to say about Calandra other than she makes her army insane.  Fate blessed means on those all important rolls, you’re army is rerolling.  On feat turn your rerolling 1s and 2s on to hit and damage.  Pyg Burrowers become something to fear between her feat and force blow or the Fell Caller.  Star crossed really helps with the armies survivability as well.

Impaler -5

  • Solid warbeast that I can always count on for 3 fury.  He’s not going to be mixing it up in H2H so he’s relatively safe.  Mainly used to give the bomber the extra 4″ of range for his pair of pow 16 AOE 4s.

Bomber -10

  • Not 100% sold on this guy but a pair of pow 16 4″ AOEs is pretty darn good… Especially to clear out infantry and stealthed models.

Runebearer -2

  • Jeez I wish this was a skarlock instead… Basically 1 more fury for my caster with harmonious exultation, giving Calandra 8 to play with.

Fell Caller Hero -3

  • An auto-include with most trollblood armies, especially good for pyg burrowers.  He can basically do 1 of 3 things for your army every turn.  Grant pathfinder and fearless, buff their attack rolls, or stand up knocked down models… All useful in specific situations.

Janissa Stonetide -3

  • Allows Trolls to play their casters front line.  Toss a wall in front of your caster and suddenly their +4 defense vs ranged attacks… And with careful positioning, unless you have pathfinder (and even if you do) your caster becomes very difficult to charge.

Stone Scribe Chronicler -2

  • I’m still sorta iffy about this guy…  I may end up switching him for a fennblade UA.  What he does do though is provide your army with 1 of 3 buffs.  A unit gain’s plus 2 to attack and damage rolls when flanking with a warbeast, a unit gains feign death and concealment, or (and this is the one I’ll be using) whenever a model in the unit is killed, the attacker is knocked down at the end of his activation.  It basically makes your tarpit that much nastier.

10 Pyg Burrowers -6

  • Pyg Burrowers RAT is pretty terrible so unless you’ve knocked something over, you ain’t hitting much.  However, the fell caller can buff their mat and as they have point blank on their guns, suddenly mat 7 pow 14’s are pretty sweet… Especially when you considered Calandra’s feat allowing you to reroll 1s and 2s… Enough damage potential to caster kill or scrap heavies.  Not to mention they do also have an initial attack on the charge.  Not to mention their insane threat range and inability to be targeted or affected by anything while burrowed.

10 Trollkin Fennblades -8

  • Just a solid tarpit unit.  I would like to add the UA basically just for set defense.  That coupled with Calandras star crossed and tough makes these guys very hard to kill… And when they do die, you get vengeance!  I might drop the chronicler for one!

Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew -1

  • A spare point… Depending how the bomber works I might upgrade to an EBDT or downgrade to a mauler with this point.




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