BA – Revisions to Jumper List

So I’ve played 5 games with my jumper list thus far vs Mech Guard, Hybrid Dark Eldar, Mech Eldar, Piranha Spam Tau, and Fatecrusher Daemons.   While nowhere near enough experience to be making broad sweeping changes there are a few things I’m seeing.  1) I lack elite CC (only 1 unit of Sanguinary Guard) but in order to get more, I need to lose meltaguns (and thus lowering my chances of busting tanks open).  2) Deploying 50+ guys on the table spaced appropriately for blast damage takes up a lot of room and leads to sub-optimal placement (further back in my deployment) or reserving some units and diluting my army – especially in spearhead…

So my revisions will try to include a bit more CC punch while limiting loss of AT… And maybe looking at how I can improve my deployment options.

125 Librarian – Jump Pack, Shield of Sanguine, Blood Lance or Fear of the Dark

Still torn by these two POWERS.  I think Fear is a better power overall but is ultimately useless against some armies.  Lance gives me a bit more AT but when I’m jumping up the table, it’s basically useless until turn 2/3… Essentially its a melta without the 2d6 pen and wonky range – Probably going to go with Fear of the Darkness as it’s a great way to deal with deathstars, devvies on the board edge, etc).

200 3x Sanguinary Priests – 2 Jump Packs

Sometimes I feel like 3 priests is too much while other times I feel like 3 is too little.  With the loss of the Honor Guard and their free priest I’ve decided to go with 3.  2 Jumpers and 1 static (for the devs).  Unfortunately to scrape up points I’ve had to drop the combi-meltas on the priests… Might be for the best as I can now keep them at the very tail end of the unit to avoid combat as much as possible… Or at least piling them into a position where they won’t just get fisted.

210 5 Sanguinary Guard – 1 Infernos Pistol

210 5 Sanguinary Guard – 1 Infernos Pistol

I tossed in another unit of Sanguinary Guard with a melta pistol.  I really like how the one unit was performing, they beat a lot of face (especially when rocking FC) and I think 10 of these guys should give me a decent amount of hitting power.  Basically for the cost of the Honor Guard and some melta I added these dudes and a foot priest.

250 10x Assault Marines – Power Fist, Infernos Pistol, 2x Meltaguns

250 10x Assault Marines – Power Fist, Infernos Pistol, 2x Meltaguns

135 5x Assault Marines – Power Fist, Meltagun

25 Assault marines with lots of melta – 5 scoring units.

130 5x Devastators – 4 missile launchers

130 5x Devastators – 4 missile launchers

130 5x Devastators – 4 missile launchers

This is why I was able to drop some meltaguns.  12 missiles does a decent job of opening up light mech for me to assault.  So much so they warrant their own priest.

1750/1750 – Thoughts?

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3 Responses to BA – Revisions to Jumper List

  1. Marshall says:

    Fear of the Darkness for SURE in my opinion. I imagine you’ll almost always have a target for it at some point in the game… and Blood Lance is somewhat unreliable with its random range and such.
    For every one thing Fear does not affect, it affects two things thrice as hard.

    Only problem with this list I see is your ability to capture home objectives – ie. bases. I guess you’d deploy it as far up as possible on those missions… but it sucks to have assault marines camping out on an objective doing nothing all game 😛

    • Crimzzen says:

      I think you’re right… It does help the list overcome some of its difficulties with deathstars… Even if it only drops em to LD8.

      I thought about the home base and the way I see it I pretty much have 3 options.
      1) Squeeze in a cheap 90 point camo-cloaked unit of scouts
      2) Leave a 5 man unit in reserve to DoA down/jump in
      3) Overwhelm their base… Hopefully an ENTIRE army jumping on one objective can take it if you decide to send stuff my way… I’d probably need to deploy all 15 devs and priest on my home objective and hope they can at least contest it.

      • Marshall says:

        My only qualm with that stratagy is if you have 1st turn against say, a guard army.
        Pretty easy to tank shock onto an objective and draw the game in that case, as you’d have little to nothing scoring your own objective, and you’d have the enemies objective only contested.
        I honestly think the snipers would be a decent investment. Reserve them, walk on and hold objective. Go to ground.
        That way, if something tries to kill them, it has to be CC, as killing a 2+/4+ unit with shooting is ridiculous. If an enemy CC unit is headed for them, you can send a (scoring) unit of assault marines to protect them – or even bubble wrap them with missile launchers to slow down an attacker. Either way, you have scoring troops on home objective, and (almost) an entire army to go contest / capture an enemies objective. Just food for thought.

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