WIP – Assault Marines


Been busy working on my new marines. I’m building em with a chaos theme in mind (still working out the story) but as I’ve built and painted a few marine armies over the past years I wanted to work on a showcase army that I could bring to tourneys over the next couple of years. Additionally, to keep from getting bored I’ve built them such that I can use em with any of the marine books and magnetized backpacks/jump packs. Each model has been reposed, kit bashed, part swapped etc. No 2 look the same (I hope) and I’ve tried to keep with some consistent themes (right shoulder pad studded, left plain [for legion symbol]). All 6 of the sergeants have magnetized arms as well for depending on the list I’m playing. I mainly used the assault marine bodies and legs (with the imperial aquila removed [watch a bitch to do]) but a lot of the other parts are either forgeworld or other kits or a mix of both. I’ve got around 35 done thus far. Comments appreciated!


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2 Responses to WIP – Assault Marines

  1. Mordian7th says:

    Very nice! I especially like the first one with the wings and scythe, it’s just superb. The units have a great sense of motion to them – looking forward to seeing more!

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