Friday Night Fights – FNF – Round 1 Face-Offs

Here we go, I’ve randomly determined who will be fighting each other in the first round.  PLACE YOUR BETS!  I’ve highlighted my favs.  Do you agree or disagree! Post your predictions below!

Skarbrand Vs Shadowsun (Doh, bye bye shadowsun!)

Cato Sicarius Vs  Kharn the Betrayer

Belial Vs  Skulltaker

Swarmlord Vs  Typhus

Ghazghkull Thraka Vs  Nightbringer (I think Thraka has a chance given some lucky/unlucky rolls given he’s eternal with 4W but the nightbringer ignoring invulns might just be too much!)

Avatar Vs  Lord Kaldor Draigo

Logan Grimnar Vs  Eldrad

Calgar Vs  Kugath

Lysander Vs  Sammael

Ragnar Blackmane Vs  Mephiston (Another close one but I think Mephistons ID force weapon will do it)

Saint Celestine Vs  Lelith (Catfight!) (Coming back alive rocks!)

Lucius the Eternal Vs  Asdrubael Vect (Well I think Vect might win it all)

Colonel “Iron Hand” Straken with 4 veterans Vs  Sanguinor (LoL)

Dante Vs  Arjac Rockfist (Even though arjac only has 2W if Dante fails to alpha strike he’s gonna get ID)

Grand Master Mordrak Vs  Abaddon the Despoiler

High Marshal Helbrecht Vs  Drazhar, Master of Blades


Also, due to popular demand, I’m now going to include shooting.  A model charging can fire a weapon/psychic ability/etc if it would normally be able to do so and charge!  This means that if St. Celestine resurrects she will fire off her flamer and charge, etc etc!  Check back Friday for how the fights turned out!!!

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1 Response to Friday Night Fights – FNF – Round 1 Face-Offs

  1. marshall says:

    Agreed on pretty much all counts… Except, as you know, im betting Straken makes it at least to round 2 !!!! Sanguinor going doooown! Also you think Kugath takes down Calgar? I think ole’ Marneus has a shot. Both reroll wounds and have 4 invuln, both eternal.. Kugath may have more wounds, and im not sure of the weapon skill diff, but my vote goes to the underdog!!! Also, awesome that Draigo is up against the Avatar. Here’s hoping it’s him and Skarbrand in the final!

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