Friday Night Fights – FNF – Introduction


So I’ve decided to add a new weekly article to AoBG every Friday called “Friday Night Fights.”  Essentially, every week I’ll pit special characters against each other in a round robin competition where only one will walk away!

So how it works —

I’ve gone through all the codices and picked a number of special characters from each (Summarized below) who will be pitted against each other randomly each each.  With the loser being eliminated and the winner progressing to the next round (Similar to a pyramid pairing scheme).


Each match will be 6 rounds with each character counting as charging for 3 of the 6.  Tie breakers will be settled by sudden death with a roll-off to see who counts as charging.

Abilities that must be activated during the SC’s turn will only be used when they charged while abilities that can be activated whenever will be used for each round.

A SC who fails their moral test and is caught in a sweeping advance automatically loses that round unless they have special rules otherwise (ATSKNF, etc) while a model that manages to escape after failing their moral test simply continues to fight with no penalty.

Combats will be physically rolled by myself to decide combat while the model favoured to win will be decided by mathhammer.

All rules for close combat outlined in the BRB will be followed!



Space Marines

-Calgar — Lysander — Cato Sicarius

Space Wolves

-Ragnar Blackmane — Logan Grimnar — Arjac Rockfist

Grey Knights

-Lord Kaldor Draigo — Grand Master Mordrak

Black Templar

-High Marshal Helbrecht

Dark Angels

-Belial — Sammael

Blood Angels

-Dante — Mephiston — Sanguinor

Chaos Space Marines

-Abaddon the Despoiler — Kharn the Betrayer — Typhus — Lucius the Eternal





Dark Eldar

-Asdrubael Vect — Lelith — Drazhar, Master of Blades


-Eldrad — Avatar




-Kugath — Skulltaker — Skarbrand


-Ghazghull Thraka

Sisters of Battle

-Saint Celestine

Imperial Guard

-Colonel “Iron Hand” Straken with 4 veterans


So place your bets, who do you think will win?  An alphastrike character like Dante or Vect or an attrition character like Lysander or Eldrad!?


Have an idea? Shoot me a comment!



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7 Responses to Friday Night Fights – FNF – Introduction

  1. Marshall says:

    For the charging characters, do they get to fire any weapons as well?
    I ask because some of the combatants, Straken and his Plasma Pistol or the Avatar and his (instant killing) strength 8 shot could be game changers.

  2. Crimzzen says:

    Pshhh, this is Fight Club, not wussy shoot club!

    In all seriousness no, we’re just looking at CC. Psychic powers are useable if they are normally useable in combat… So like Doom, Fortune, Unleash Rage, etc.

  3. Will says:

    Good call on not using Fateweaver for daemons. He would pass all his saves over and over again, then wiff every attack. His only hope would be to see if he could turn his opponent in to a spawn! Over all cool idea, but on the concept of no shooting or phycic powers I think this would be unfair in the end. Would the abilitys not be some of the key features of the SC? In then end I will enjoy the idea of Kugath kill almost any one in the ranks, even the sissy GK characters. I dont have a love for my daemons!

    • Crimzzen says:

      Heh, I don’t consider fateweaver a CC character. If he’s in combat I’ve done my job!

      Abilities and psychic powers are allowed as long as they are useable in the CC phase. I didn’t want to include shooting as 1)It really gets messy determining who shoots first and charges first and in what combo & 2) about 75% of the SC’s have shooting abilities that are high strength and low AP. They essentially cancel each other out and 3) some of the gun ranges are pretty short (6″) and some of the faster characters can charge further than the guns range. Finally, (haha), most of the SC are IC’s and will be stuck in a unit where they won’t be the one hit.

      My monies on Vect!

  4. MadCowCrazy says:

    I’m betting Saint Celestine will make it very far, but it will all depend on the resurrection rolls. If she makes those she will get up, flame and then assault with the ton of attacks. Could be very nasty indeed.

    • Crimzzen says:

      I think you’re right. She’s pretty quick with a decent number of attacks and wounding potential. If she makes a few rez rolls she could be a major upset.

      I think Vect has a great shot too, that 2+ is pretty gold in addition to being such an alpha-strike character.

      I’m also thinking nightbringer could go far baring any upsets. Ignoring unvulns with his Str and T is pretty brutal!

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