DoD – Descent of Devils – Revisted!

So I’m back on the DoA kick.  I’ve re-invented my list, ran it by Kirby (, and started planning out the conversion.  I plan on building throughout the year but I won’t be painting anything until I finish my Wolves!

1750 – Descent of Devils

Librarian – Jump Pack, Shield of Sanguinius, Blood Lance

-Obvious hood is obvious.  Blood lance to dissuade castling and the shield gives me something to cast during my opponents turn.  Cheap.

5 Honor Guard – Jump Packs, 4x Meltaguns

-OK, when a vehicle really needs to get busted open either to stop it shooting or so I can charge Vanguard Vets into the inside these are the guys to call.  They also come with a cheap priest who’s not an IC.

5 Sanguinary Guard – Power Fist, Chapter Banner, Infernus Pistol x1

-Standard beater unit.  I need something to reliably clear out a unit of marines in a game turn.  4 attacks ea @ str/I5 on the charge with Master-crafted power weapons should do nicely!

2 Sanguinary Priest – Jump Packs

-I think the benefits of Feel No Pain and Furious Charge army wide are obvious.

10 Assault Marines – 2 Meltaguns, Powerfist on Sergeant

-The meat and potatoes of the army.

10 Assault Marines – 2 Meltaguns, Powerfist on Sergeant

-The meat and potatoes of the army.

5 Assault Marines – 1 Meltagun, Powerfist on Sergeant

-25 Assault Marines means 5 scoring units.

10 Vanguard Vets – 4 Storm Shields, 2 Lightning Claws, 1 Meltabomb

-Basically I can combat squad these however I need to suit the situation.  4x storm shields and 1 regular dude to tank, 2 LC 3 regular dudes to kill a unit, 5 regular dudes to deal with bubblewrap, etc etc.  Landing (only d6 scatter) and charging is pretty awesome and allow DoA to function properly.

After talking to Kirby he raised a few good points.

  • I could drop the HG for another unit of SG and have 2 face beater units.  It changes the list from DS everything to jumping up the field.  I would only have 2 priests instead of 3 if I was to do this but would greatly increase my CC power.
  • I could run more of a hammer army by dropping the VV for 3 units of missile-toting devs.  Basically, I wouldn’t need to deal with the bubblewrap anymore as my missiles could deal with armour and I would be less reliant on meltaguns.  This change goes hand in hand with dropping the HG for another unit of SG.  Basically I’d be looking at 2 units of SG and 12 Missile Launchers.  I would probably very rarely DS in this case unless facing a lot of firepower.  I’d also probably consider adding a foot priest to babysit the dev squads.
  • @ 2k with my original list I’ll add another SG squad, 1 fist and probably 2 Infernus Pistols and toss an Assault Marine into the 5 man squad.
  • @ 2k with the hammer style list I’d probably add the HG back in.

Basically the question is whether or not to run VV or Devs.  Fortunately I have a plethora of Missile Launchers from my wolves so I’ll probably build the VVs and playtest both.  I’m personally leaning towards the VV’s as its something a bit different from the Missile spam we see these days.

What do you think?  Which list do you like better and why?


Also, be sure to check back tomorrow as I plan on unveiling a new weekly article I’m doing.  To give you a hint I’m calling it “Friday Night Fights” or FNF.

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