Army Showcase – Part 4 – Back from Vegas!

Well, Marshall’s back!  And between the hookers, blow, and dice, it seems he did pretty well!   More from him:


I’m back from Vegas and do I have some stories! I’m going to try to keep this recap short and to the point – we all know I have a tendency to ramble on.


Here goes.


First up, Vegas was awesome. Exactly like the movies. I lost 20$ gambling, and hit up as many tourist-stops as I could fit. Eventually, with the help of my girlfriend, I will have pics up on Facebook. Now, on to the tournament!


I ended up winning the best painted army trophy for a 40K army. This means there is a good likelihood of seeing my army featured on the Games Workshop website AND White Dwarf Magazine. I can’t even describe how excited I am. I also placed second in the hero painting competition (everyone submitted 1 HQ model) with my commander, Lt.Karadine! THIS blew me away more than anything – she’s so subtle, I’m really happy all the little details were appreciated 🙂


The first game I played was open gaming (points counted towards Team score) and I played against a Salamander opponent. Vulkan Hestan, some terminators (thunder hammers, of course) and a handful of Marines in Rhinos. The mission was objectives, and I easily came out on top with a near tabling of my opponent.


My first Tournament ranking game was against more Salamanders, this time fielding I believe 17 thunder hammer terminators, a Land raider, Hestan and 2 tactical squads. Unfortunately, the mission was kill points – and he only gave up 5 (plus 1 which remained behind a wall all game, out of the fight). Despite my whopping approximate 1400 victory points gained (giving up only about 300) the game ended in a draw. Could have won it if it had ended on a turn other than 7, but that’s how she goes.

Result : DRAW


My second game was against Imperial Guard (seen the youtube video? It was the guy with the Zepplin-styled vendetta. EDITOR: HERE YOU GO!

Objectives : 5

I went second, easily survived the first turn, and promptly vaporized everything I looked at until turn 3, where he conceded with a handful of Guardsmen and a single Chimera left. Our armies were actually well matched, and the dice rolls largely decided this game. Would like to throw a shout-out to Ben, my opponent, this game. Awesome guy, hung out with him lots through the weekend, and deserving recipient of my favorite game vote just cause’ he was such a cool guy (Ben, if you read this and are ever in the Okanagan, look up the K40K!). Also – Karadine single handed killed an enemy command squad 🙂


My third game was against foot Space Wolves. Ugh. The mission with a single objective in each deployment (capture and control? I always call it ‘bases’.) Also, it was Dawn of War. Not good off the bat! He fielded about 60 Space Wolves. I killed about 45. The game was actually a pretty close one for a while, but I didn’t really have the umph to battle through the field of Wolves on his objective, and pretty much my entire force was needed to hold back the successive waves assaulting my own. Karadine killed a Wolf sergeant 1 on 1, so that was cool 🙂 In the end, it came down to a dice roll – 1,2,3 for the draw, 4,5,6 for him to win – and he rolled a 4. Oh well, there you have it. Good guy, good game.

Result : loss.

Fourth game ; Day 2, I played Sisters of Battle.

This mission was killpoints (again!) with spearhead deployment. Same strategy as always in killpoint games; survive the first turn (which I did easily) and then deal as much damage to any ranged / fast unit as possible. Then sit there and let the mobility challenged units march into the grinder. Despite a couple of hiccups (my own fault, forgetting about enemy melta squad in a rhino, etc etc) this game went swimmingly. Almost lost Karadine, who’s vehicle was busted up, squad killed, but she managed to win 1 on 1 against a Seraphim sergeant and fled to safety (in another Chimera)!

Result : Victory!


Fifth (and last) game : Orks

5 Objectives, Pitched battle; my personal playground.

My opponent was the yellow Stompa army in the youtube video (obviously he didn’t field the big guy as it was just for show). Any ways, I was a right proper gun line this game, simply blowing chunks out of the foot squads. I halted the battlewagon advance early and slaughtered everything before it got to assault me (save a single unit, which killed a single guard squad). Couple of hiccups – Had a Chimera blow up and the squad run off the table and lost a Valkyrie to massed loota fire. All in all, his dice failed him hard. But the game was largely in my favour from the start; all the objectives were spread across the center, and all I had to do was sit and shoot.

Result: Win


End of Day 2 Results : 3 wins, 1 loss, 1 draw, and 1 open game win


My own personal objectives:

-Company Command Squad monsterous creature / enemy commander.
Success! Karadine killed an enemy Imperial Guard commander with a swing from her fist.

-Marbo (or my “Nautican Special Agent”) survives a game.
Yep. In my first game he finished off a Land Raider and hid behind it to not hand out a Kill point.

-Karadine (commander) goes all tournament without death.
Yes! Even in the open gaming!

-Karadine uses her power fist to good effect at least once.
She, alone, got charged by a Wolf Sergeant, who failed to kill her with a powerfist and got promply kicked in the ass by the good lieutenant.
She also took a charge from a Seraphim Sergeant and won.
Also, of course, she killed an IG command squad in CC.

-Vendetta teams kick serious ass. Do they ever NOT?
Couldn’t have done it without them. Killed loads of enemy vehicles.

-My infantry squads with Autocannons hold an objective all game. Woot footsloggers!
In the battle against the Orks they sure did! They actually did surprisingly well!

So there you have it, ALL personal objectives met with room to spare!



Final thoughts

The tournament was good. I have to admit, there were a lot of competitive/uncompetite guys there; and a lot that were unhappy to play against Guard. I actually challenged 2 more people to play open games, and both of them refused “because I was Guard”. Yeah (Editor: Wow, Man up! Show those guard what’s what!!!). I also received many comments on my ‘net-list’ guard army… even though it lacks anything CLOSE to the standard Guard builds you see (almost no melta, absolutely no veterans, etc)

That being said, almost everyone I met was cool, loved my army (so happy with the feedback I got) and was good to play against.


I guess that’s it for me! May do up a battle report in detail on some of these games in the future, but for now, Marshall out!

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  1. seferoth says:

    Im always good to put the guard in their place!

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