Army Showcase – Part 3

Back with the 3rd (and final?) set of photos from Marshall’s Nautican IG army – Who is consequently at the Throne of Skulls tourney in Vegas this weekend!


Marshall here!


Headed to Vegas!


Alright ya’ll. The Nautican Armed Forces – Black Spade Division – are off to Las Vegas for the 2011 Grand Tournament! Sorry my ‘countdown to Vegas’ posts have been so lackluster (I gave you 2!!)

Will be bringing back MANY pictures for the blog.


My army list :

x1 Company command squad w/ x3 plasmas, x1 medic

x1 Company commander (Lt.Karadine) w/ power fist + plasma pistol

Chimera with dozer blade + heavy stubber/heavybolter


Guardsmen Marbo


Infantry platoon #1

x1 Junior platoon squad w/ x4 grenade launchers

-Chimera w/ heavy stubber/heavybolter

x1 Infantry squad w/ autocannon / grenade launcher

x1 Infantry squad w/ autocannon / grenade launcher


x1 Junior platoon squad w/ x4 meltaguns (mount up in the Vendetta)

x1 Infantry squad w/ x1 flamer

-Chimera w/ heavy flamer

x1 Infantry squad w/ x1 flamer

-Chimera w/ heavy flamer

x1 Special weapon squad w/ x3 demolition charges (mount up in second Vendetta)


x1 Vendetta w/ triple lascannons

x1 Vendetta w/ triple lascannons


x1 Hydra

x1 Hydra

x1 Manticore


My goal for this tournament is to win more games than I lose. That is all.

As an aside, here are my sub goals;

-Company Command Squad, the Heartbreakers, eliminate a monsterous creature / enemy commander. (This is totally my favourite thing to do with this squad. Hunt the big bad guys.)

-Marbo (or my “Nautican Special Agent”) survives a game. And isn’t a 12” scattering dick. I have faith.

-Karadine (commander) goes all tournament without death. Yeah, baby! She’s so awesome.

-Karadine uses her power fist to good effect at least once. 20 points better get used!

-Vendetta teams kick serious ass. Do they ever NOT?

-My infantry squads with Autocannons hold an objective all game. Woot footsloggers!


So when I come back we’ll see how many of these little objectives i’ve met. I am assuming all of them, but we’ll see.


Any ways, I will TRY to get back some sort of status report as I can. My phone will be turned OFF the whole time, as it is 60cents a text – INCOMING messages as well (and people complain about GW’s prices!)

If I can find my way to a computer in the hotel, I will message. If not, then expect a status report on Monday (or Tuesday, if I come back cranky and sleepy.)


As a final parting gift, I give you some pictures of my Vendettas! Took them for a ‘countdown to vegas’ entry, but – shockingly – it’s a little late for that now.

Any ways, peace out guys, and i’ll see you in the new week!


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6 Responses to Army Showcase – Part 3

  1. Mordian7th says:

    Awesome work – I love the customization on the gunships, that’s an excellent set of conversions! I may have to steal, shrink and print out that header image for use as a poster on one of my buildings. That’s a great picture – keep up the great work!

  2. Wesley says:

    Great work as always Marshall. Best of luck in Vegas!!

  3. Thor says:

    All I can say is holy crap that’s amazing.

  4. Marshall says:

    Thanks guys 🙂 Appreciate the positive feedback ^_^
    As you’ve undoubtedly heard, I did quite well in Vegas!
    Go Nautica!!

  5. alexanderkelley says:

    These are insane! How did you do the rapelling guardsmen?

  6. Chris says:

    Hey Marshall I’m really curious about the bits and paint job. I love the work and would love to ask you questions. Please email me if you have some time.

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