eKaya vs pButcher – 35pts

So I got a Warmachine/Hordes game in last night vs. Alex K. and his Khador! Being the dummy I am I forgot to take pictures until the final turn and as such I’ll write this more as a highlight reel rather than a turn by turn batrep. For future reports I do plan on doing turn by turn with pictures!

My list:

eKaya /w Laris

Feral Warpwolf

Pureblood Warpwolf

Warpwolf Stalker


Druid Wilder

Lord of the Feast

Alex’s List:





War Dog


min Doom Reavers

min Assassins /w Underboss UA


Scenario was 2 central objectives, first to 3.

I opted for a non-tiered list with eKaya as I really wanted to use the Lord of the Feast (who turned out and did nothing). I basically ran the wolf trinity with the gorax for some hitty power. The wilder was something for me to test out and I really didn’t like her.


Essentially cast shadowpack, dog pile and bounced forced evolution around all game. Turn two she spirited to Laris on the left objective, feated to shift my feral, stalker, and gorax to my opponents left flank and ran around the forest buffing where needed. Killed a manhunter with a flanking Laris.


Ran up the left flank early with plans to use him to slid my force to the other objective once I had cleared off the right objective. Help Kaya kill a manhunter /w flank. Eventually circled around the back of my opponents army if I ever needed to shift kaya out of trouble or if an assassination attempted presented itself.


I knew I had to take out Alex’s Kodiac as having a jack /w pathfinder tromping around the objectives wasn’t going to go well for me in the long run. He ran it into a forest thinking he was out of LoS and safe. A dog pile from Kaya and 7 warped strength attacks later it was left with 2 movement. The feral then teleported back to Kaya and engaged 2 of the 4 widowmakers. Died to attacks from both butcher and juggernaut.


My plan was to use a boosted spray plus his animus to deal with any iron fleshed units but that never presented itself. Killed last doom reaver with a spray and caused decent damage to the berzerker after a ghostly charge (to contest objective). Died to berzerker and kayazy assassins.


Warped berserk and had primal cast on it to smack down 5/6 iron fleshed doom reavers (just recalled now that they can’t have spells cast on them!). Ported back to Kaya and sprinted to engage damaged kodiac (so I would frenzy on it).


Threw out a primal on the stalker and portal’d to Kaya. Sat on the objective for 3 turns to win me the game. Game winning turn due to Alex forgetting about shadowpack and trying to gun him down with feated (pbutcher) widowmakers. Couldn’t see him due to stealth.

Lord of the Feast

I was using him to keep the assassins/doom reavers at bay on the right objective. When I finally went for the assassins I totally forgot about stealth and his raven auto-missed. Died to assassins.


I attempted a few conditions to manage some fury but due to low skill ability she failed all of them. Essentially I used her to increase Kaya’s range once but ultimately was useless.

Win by Scenario.

We both are still learning the game and forgetting stealth was a big problem for both of us. I’m currently trying to play without having to go back to previously activated units and fix stuff. I think I only did it once this game where I forgot to warp my wolves on the first turn and we agreed that they would be able to warp armour (turns out it mattered not as they were not fired upon and fully stealthed from shadowpack).

I don’t think Alex expected me to be as quick as I was while still putting out a high level of damage. Definitely losing his doom reavers before they could cause any damage was painful as on butchers feat they are disgusting!

I’m really liking the circle heavies so far, being DEF 14 means that most warbeasts need to boost to hit or risk missing on average rolls. A forced Evolution bumps em up to 16 putting them into a really sweet spot and makes up for their lowish ARM and boxes.

Check back for regular battle reports!

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