Red Corsairs – Cult of the Fallen Fluff!

So as some of you may know I’ve been struggling with the fluff for my lil’ traitors. I’ve taken a real shine to the Red Corsairs but I still want to make them semi-original. This is what I’ve come up with

Bit of background on the Corsairs can be seen here:


The Red Corsairs were the once proud Astral Claws led by the Chapter Master Lufgt Huron now known as Huron Blackheart. During the Badab War (901-912.M41) self titled “Tyrant of Badab”, Huron Blackheart assumed control of Badab and all surround sectors in order to better manage the safety and security of his planets and of the Maelstrom (An area not fully within this realm of space nor the warp). While this wasn’t without precedence (See the Ultramarines) it wasn’t of the norm. However, Huron was a highly respected and well decorated Astartes and as such was allowed to proceed by the High Lords of Terra. Shortly thereafter Huron began to withhold his required Gene-Seed tithes to Adeptus Mechanicus; while not uncommon, placed strain on the Karthargo Sector who were essentially the ‘middle-men’ between the Claws and the Administratum as the Adminstratum Segmentum Procurator-General did not care where the gene-seeds came from, only that they came. As such the schism which ignited the Badab War was now firmly in place.


It has been said that only two things in life are certain: death and taxes and in 904.M41 the taxman cometh to Badab. The Karthargans and the Mechanicus sent fleets to Badab which were summarily blown out of the sky, Huron citing failed landing procedures and hostile threats. The war quickly escalated and is joined by the Fire Hawks, Marines Errant, Red Scorpions, Raptors, Salamanders, Fire Angels, Novamarines, Howling Griffons, Sons of Medusa, Minotaurs and the Exorcists plus the Inquisition on the Loyalist side of things and the Astral Claws, Mantis Warriors, Lamenters, Executioners and tens of millions of human troops on the Secessionists side. While in the end the Astral Claws are defeated and reduced to nearly 200 marines, Huron and what was left of his chapter flee into the Maelstrom where he makes pacts with ruinous powers to repair his broken body.


Following the events of the Badab War, the surviving Astral Claws and their newly resurrected Chapter Master Huron Blackheart form The Red Corsairs; A legion of space pirates supremely proficient at boarding actions and strike raids. While originally comprised of the former loyalists, the Astral Claws, the legions ranks have been swelled by other Astartes eager to condemn the empire and forsake their vows. While the legions strength is unknown, they manage a large fleet consisting of a single Adeptus Astartes battle barge, a number of strike cruisers, many escorts, a huge number of interceptors and bombs, and large groups of human reavers. Huron’s empire now lies within the Maelstrom, centred around the planet known as New Badab, who’s threat and power rivals that of the legions within the Eye of Terror.


While loosely organized, members of the Red Corsairs still retain some semblance of structure and typically similar chapters will band together and form splinter sects. It is not uncommon to see ferocious Grey Hunters fighting next to the once proud assault marines of the Blood Angels. Even more-so the intermingling of chapters well versed in similar styles has only served to increase their prowess. A once loyal wolf can see merit in the forward nature of a blood angel while similarly the fallen angels understands the power of the bait and counterattack utilized by the wolves. It is with this knowledge that a chaos space marine becomes an even greater champion than he could have ever hoped to achieve while in service to the False Emperor.


One such splinter sect is used by Huron when failure is not an option, when more than bravado and bloodlust are required. The “Cult of the Fallen” are a coalition of traitors comprised of primarily of once loyal Space Wolves and Blood Angels exceptionally skilled at planetary raids through the tactical use of infantry (both Jump and Mechanized) and superior heavy weapon support.


The “Fallen” are led by Baizaarshk, Lord of the Butchers – A once loyal Blood Angel who’s dark thirst and lust for carnage led him to renounce his holy vows and wholly devote himself to the God of Slaughter, Khorne. Recruited by Huron himself, this dark champion has caught the attention of Khorne and is quickly on his way to becoming a Daemon Prince. Baizaarshk relishes close combat as you never truly know a man until you’ve seen the life leave his eyes. He is often seen spearheading the assault deep in enemies lines, goading the fallen angels into a super-psychotic blood-frenzy.


Confidante and Sorcerer Lord, Raizghul was once a Rune Priest in service of Russ. While passing through the gates of Morkai, Raizghul was confronted by visions of slaughter, of blood, and of bone. A bloodthirster spoke to him of the glory of Khorne, of the power that awaiting him, and of the glory that would be his. At that moment, the seed of chaos was planted. Raizghul currently leads the siege forces, second in command only to Baizaarshk, summoning clouds of poison and igniting foes with forks of lightning.


The “Cult of the Fallen” are able to planet-fall, strike, and retreat within days compared to the weeks it would take most other legions. The sect utilizes a two part assault in which heavy weapons supported by packs of marines in rhinos sieges their primary target. A second wave consisting of jump pack marines, notoriously dubbed murder squads, appears behind enemy lines seemingly spewed forth from the warp. The goal of these rapid strike marines is to sever communications and sow disorder allowing the mechanize marines to punch in, pillage, and seemingly disappear into the smoke and carnage. It is true that to look upon these marines and to hear them speak one can see the arrogance that oozes from them and the aura of complete confidence. For these Fallen know they will be well rewarded when it is their turn to die for Khorne!


Blood for the Blood God!

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4 Responses to Red Corsairs – Cult of the Fallen Fluff!

  1. skars says:

    very nice , only one thing kinda is weird
    khorne hates sorcerors psykers and runepriests etc

  2. Crimzzen says:

    While Khorne dislikes psykers it doesn’t mean he doesn’t use them. Generally though if they survive a campaign or displease him he makes sure they meet a gruesome end.

    • big tom b says:


      • Crimzzen says:

        You’re absolutely right. So what? Have you read fluff about Khorne? He uses magic/sorcery all the time. His *gifts* in which he bestows to his daemon princes is through sorcery. Wings, Iron Hide, even blessing of the blood god is done through sorcery.

        In fact, Khorne teams up with Tzeentch on occasion. Does he like it? No, he actually kills some of Tzeentchs minions from time to time but only after they further his plans. Khorne has no problem using magic as long as it helps him reach his ends and the magic user meets a grisly end. Khorne actually hates Slaneesh more if I’m not mistaken.

        So how can I work this into my fluff – Well the Cult of the Fallen are just Khorne worshipers within the Red Corsairs (who don’t usually pledge to any diety and thus are relatively mutation/gift free) they don’t actually have any direct contact with khorne nor do they operate under his control – they’ve simply adopted his ideals for bloodshed. Secondly, the Rune Priest I use as my HQ isn’t a psyker in my fluff. He’s actually going to be a master tactician who wields a deamon staff (Unnamed at this time). This staff itself is what is magical, not the guy. Through the staff he is able to unleash his hatred and anger by melting his foes with bolts of black lightning or burying them in frigged drifts of blood soaked snow.

        This would very much fit with the fluff as khorne deamon princes have access to magic swords/gear in fantasy so its fairly easy to assume a space marine of Khorne could use a magic weapon. Unfortunately, the easiest way for me to represent this is using a Rune Priests rules from the SW codex.

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