Red Corsairs – Rifleman Dread + Count-as Sanguinor

So as promised, here are some better pictures of Baizaarshk, Lord of the Butchers (Counts as Sanguinor) and my Rifleman Dread conversion.


The Rifleman dread is the new Forgeworld Ironclad Dread body with ironclad arms.  I used the IG punisher cannons as the guns with the CCW claws to hold them in.  The punisher cannons are probably better suited to be assault cannons but I think they work here as Autocannons.  I plan on covering the base with shell casings.  I still need a few more claws to finish off one of the arms.  As well I have the Khorne banner from the bloodletters box for the top, I’m just awaiting some magnets to stick it on with (for transporting purposes).

Comments and suggestions welcome!

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5 Responses to Red Corsairs – Rifleman Dread + Count-as Sanguinor

  1. Marshall says:

    Alrighty, my critique!

    On Baizaarshk :
    Dude… seriously that’s awesome. I love the staff, as you know, and the wings really add a deamonic look to him – I love the holes in them… don’t know where they are from but they’re badass. Should make them look like they are burning the wings away… Are you leaving the blood angels shoulderpad as-is or are you going to chaosify it somehow? That being said, are you going to paint him with a hint of “I used to be a Blood Angel”?
    My only critique I think with him is his leg pose. I think the legs, in combo with the way he is holding his staff, looks a tad… I don’t know.. a little ‘fancy footed’ haha if you know what i’m saying. But it may just be the pics. Hard to tell.
    Either way it’s not a bad thing, just a thing. Can’t wait to see this guy with a layer of paint on him… what are you going to base these guys like?

    The Dread:
    Man that is a beefy forgeworld dread. So rad!
    If I were to make another SM chapter, i’d probably with a dread like that… love the modern, utility feel
    In response to your text, yes, I do think the guns should be shortened. It might make them look a little less overkill too (right now they look like they could down a Titan) I’d maybe even go so far as to cut off the entire barrel part and just have the end cylinder poking out.
    Also, are you planning on chaos-ifying him at all? I’d maybe do something to the head… try to make it look like one of your Marines or something.
    I assume you’re going to slap on the standard Khorne symbology.
    Are you going to use any skulls on him? Couple of skulls wedged into the armour might be cool… match the Rhinos and all.
    Regardless he is cool. Makes me want to make another dreadnought 😦 maybe I should look into the Dread Spam blood angels list :D:D


    • Crimzzen says:

      @Sanguinor – Thanks dude. The wings are from the Tyranid Gargoyles, I had to cut them up a bit to fit/pose properly. These guys will probably be painted very similar to my wolves as they are all part of the same sect. I might reverse some colours here and there but for the most part they will be very similar. He’s going to based on those fallen statue bases that I showed you online. I picked up enough for the entire army so it should look like they’re all leaping. I’m going to cut off any blantent blood angel stuff, like blood drops and such but I will keep any angel references, hence the shoulder pad. They’ll be ‘fallen angels’ type thing. I was trying to get the legs to look like hes about to leap up and forward, about to take flight… I might have missed that mark though haha!

      Yeah, I agree that the dreads guns are too longer, as I txted to you haha. I’m going to cut them off behind the disk thats just behind that short segment of barrel attached to the muzzle. I;ll see how that looks and then cut from there… I don’t want to go too short and then need to buy 2 more punisher cannons ahah. I’m not going to chaosify him much, I’ll add some khorne iconography and the banner but I don’t know how much more I’ll do. I kinda want his cool forgeworldness to shine through.

  2. sonsoftaurus says:

    I like it, looks pretty brutal. My main concerns would be 1) where does the ammo come from? A common problem even on regular 40K models. Maybe an ammo box under each fist, or a belt feed going into the sides? 2) if want to cover the base in shells…how do they get out? Might be good to add an ejection port somewhere.

  3. sdab says:

    “Baizaarshk, Lord of the Butchers” looks downright awesome. The wings are awesome, the head awesome, the scythe awesome. I agree with Marshall, if there is anything that could be criticized its the positioning of the legs (but its by no means terrible). Both the wings and the pack with the talons might be overdoing it, I’m not sure though, as its a cool idea. I’m on the fence. All in all, I wish stock marines were 1/2 this badass.

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