I’m Still HERE!

Hey everyone,

It’s been awhile since my last update, I’m still around and kicking.  I’ve been pretty busy with life and work lately and haven’t had the time to post.

I’ve finished building/converting the 3 rhinos and 1 razorback with the skulls, there are approx. 400 skulls across the 4 vehicles!  Skulls for the skull throne!  I’ve also primed all the rhinos/razorbacks and probably 75% of the models.  I ran out of spray paint so I need to wait until that comes in to finish the rest.  I got my dreadnought last night so I plan on converting the arms this weekend and building him which just leaves the speeder.  I still don’t know how I’m going to convert it… Skulls covering it are a must though. I’m also still awaiting 2 possessed arms to finish off my last wulfen as well as 3 chaos lord familiars to be standard bearers.  Other than that, I’ll be done building and can fully concentrate on painting these guys! (FINALLY)

I got a new camera, 14.2 gigawatts… er Megapixels so hopefully I can get some better detail shots!  I’ll try to take some pics this weekend.

On the gaming side of things I have a couple of games lined up vs a Tyranid player, a Death Guard player, and a Dark Angels Terminator player… All will be good tests for my traitors.

As for fluff, I’m no longer thinking about making the army traitor wolves… Just traitors in general.  As I have both blood angels and space wolves I’m thinking of just making it a warband of various once loyal marines collating within the eye of terror… Similar to the red corsairs…. Actually thats not a bad idea.  A legion within the red corsairs… Heck the armies red, why not? I need to research this a bit more and see if it works.  I know in the full for Huron there is mention of a couple of wolves that defunkt to him…



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