Traitor Wolves – Random Musings Part 2

So last night, between games, I discussed my Traitor Wolves with Marshall and what direction I’m thinking about heading.  This is what I’ve come up with and if I like the way it runs, I don’t plan on changing it anymore (other than minor stuff) as I need to concentrate on painting to make it for the Astro.

1499/1500 Space Wolves – The dreaded 13th

  1. Rune Priest – Living Lightning, Murderous Hurricane (100)
  2. 3 Wolf Guard – 3 Power Fists, 3 Combi-Meltas (129)
  3. Dreadnought – 2 Twin-Linked Autocannons (125)
  4. 5 Grey Hunters – Flamer, Las/Plas Razorback (150)
  5. 9 Grey Hunters – Meltagun, Mark of the Wulfen, Wolf Standard, Power Weapon, Rhino (215)
  6. 8 Grey Hunters – Meltagun, Mark of the Wulfen, Wolf Standard, Power Weapon, Rhino (200)
  7. 8 Grey Hunters – Meltagun, Mark of the Wulfen, Wolf Standard, Power Weapon, Rhino (200)
  8. Land Speeder Typhoon – Multimelta (100)
  9. 6 Long Fangs – 5 Missile Launchers (140)
  10. 6 Long Fangs – 5 Missile Launchers (140)

Of the top its 46 Space Marines (ouch, at 1500?!), 12 Missile Launchers, 7 Melta-type weapons, 3 Autocannons, 1 Lascannon, and 1 Plasmagun.  3 Powerfists, 3 power weapons, 3 rending guys and 1 force weapon.

The goal is to put an enormous amount of pressure on the enemy through ranged fire while my 3 large squads of Grey Hunters push mid-field and go from there.  Most armies are going to be hard-pressed to deal with 46 power armoured dudes, especially in transports.  Against all but the most shooty armies I should be able to outshoot them and send the wolves out to objectives.  The actual packs are pretty killy when you factor in the wolf standard plus power weapon plus power fist plus the Wulfen.

The dreadnought and speeder are inferior choices to the Long Fangs but I’m taking them for a number of reasons, namely to keep the list from being boring and to get the best comp. scores I can with what I have while still keeping competitive.  The dreadnought has some merit against those killy units that don’t pack a power fist (see Vect + squad or similar) while still pumping out an impressive amount of firepower.  The speeder is just a fun choice and if it manages to survive it can help to contest in those final turns.  Finally, DoW is fairly prevalent at the Astro so being able to move on and fire is beneficial (or if reserving everything) even if it is night fight.  I’d rather the chance than none at all.


Thoughts, comments?

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2 Responses to Traitor Wolves – Random Musings Part 2

  1. Marshall says:

    I like it. I can’t believe how much you can cram into 1500pts… hahaha. I’d be hard pressed to get that many missiles into my Guard.
    At the very least, the land speeders will be a cool conversion / something different to use on the battlefield. I see you decided to go multimelta instead of missile launchers – probably a good idea for cracking those Land Raiders and such (missiles are good, but they have their breaking point when it comes to armour…)
    100pts to sacrifice for that big important target it pretty badass, and a 24″ threat range (for the double armour pen rolls) makes that 100pts quite the danger. Plus you can always deepstrike / reserve them if need be… which is nifty to have when you need it…

    Any ways I think it’s solid. As i’ve said before, you’ve got yourself an army with too much CC for me (or anyone) let get close, but too much range to ignore while the CC is dealt with. Pretty hardcore.

    I’m going to write up my final guard list in the next little while and post it up eventually for people to critique.

  2. Crimzzen says:

    Hey dude, thanks for the input!

    The speeder actually has both the missile launchers AND the Multi-melta. At 24″ it can put out 2 missiles and 1 multimelta shot and still move 6″… Makes it a threat for anyone pushing midfield. Against shooty armies it can sit back and plink away with missiles and as you said I can DS it. I figured it was a good jack of all trades unit, potential to wreck vehicles, frag infantry, or put upto 3 wounds on an MC. The multimelta is for land raiders though, I didn’t have any other way of dealing with them other than my squad meltas or a lucky lascannon.

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