Traitor Wolves – Khorne Vehicles

So awhile back you may remember that I mentioned I had a 440 piece conversion for my vehicles.  Its looking like it will be closer to 320 for the 4 vehicles in my list… meaning I’ll have 120 free for my other 2 vehicles once time permits for those.

Here’s the Rhino:

So if it isn’t obvious I’ve added scale skulls to all the rhino recesses in sort of a trophy rack style.  Fitting for Khorne I’d say.  The plan is to do this with my other 3 rhinos but I want try try them in a different style.  The next rhino I’m going to cut the skulls down more and have it so it looks more like them coming out of the hull rather than resting on it.  I’ll decide which style I like better and go from there.


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