Killzone Team

So, to start the campaign off we each needed to design a team of 175 points following the Killzone ruleset as well as the supplementary rules I wrote up..  This is what I’ve come up with:

Team Leader (+1 wound) – Space Wolves Lone Wolf – TDA, Wolf Claw – 50 points – Hard hitting if a bit slow, very resilient with great special rules.  Packs a storm bolter for those pesky fast targets.  Would like to get him fleet.

Blood Angels Assault Sergeant – Power Weapon – Fast and lots of attacks.  Chance for furious charge.

Blood Angels Assault Marine – To support the sergeant and go after those annoying heavy weapons or fast units.

Space Wolves Grey Hunter – Meltagun – Support the lone wolf and nuke those annoying multi-wound models.

Space Wolves Grey Hunter – Probably get him a plasmagun eventually.

Long Fang – Missile Launcher – Just in case of walkers…



171/175 points.

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