Killzone – Scenario 1

So for our upcoming campaign (which consequently begins tonight) Marshall has written up the first scenario and a bit of background fluff! Take a look below!

Standing outside the dimly lit shack, the Space Marine’s power armour contrasted starkly with the grey-brown hues of this desolate world. The alleyway in which they were stationed was nearly abandoned… with all but the most curious of townspeople smartly taking refuge in their ramshackle homes and crumbling apartments. Even still, the sight of several glistening red Space Marines angrily posted in a perimeter around such a dreary little house was undoubtedly causing more than a few uneasy rumors amongst the urban dwellers… and as the Marines scanned the surroundings they noted more than a few angered eyes peering out at them from the shadows and gutters of this forsaken world.

Hive World Andrea IV is a desolate place… abandoned by the Imperial Navy and left to rot after the planets rich adamantium mines had been depleted. As a world already greatly distanced from the Imperium, this new abandonment had turned Andrea into a shell of its former self… a gutter world which once stood as a marvel of Imperial society. The current populace of the planet, while still under tentative Imperial rule, was always a hair trigger away from full blown anarchy… and so it was with great care and under cover of absolute darkness that Theon’s men had descended into the Hive world, setting up a perimeter around one very mundane shack. Inside, a raised voice could be heard.

“It’s been four whole days, Sergeant, and you still haven’t a clue what that message means! Tell me, when will you leave us be?!” the haggard old man had dropped his cane and was standing face to face with the towering Sergeant Theon. The Space Marine spoke calmly, in a subdued voice, “Be calm, old man. And be thankful we have been so hospitable to you and your family…” “Hospitable?! Bah!” The old man spat, picking up his cane and stalking over to his wooden chair. “You barge in here, demand to see my bed ridden daughter… spend days trying to decipher babble from the sick girl, claiming she holds the key to ancient and powerful secrets, and refuse to let anyone in or out of MY house until you find the meaning of some scrap of code your deranged Psyker thinks is importan-” Theon raised a stern hand to the man, cutting him off, “I would thank you not to speak about my superior like that. Now again, I apologize for this intrusion… I truly do. The Scarlet Rose does not agree with the Imperium on many levels… and state of Andrea is one of those levels… you should be thankful that it is us who have come here, and not others.” his stare shut the man up for good.

Theon knew time was running out. Indeed, he had been at this for four days now. He knelt down at the bedside, his armored legs creaking the floorboards which threatened to give way at any moment. “Young Adara,” he spoke much more gently now, “Please… we must know what you know about this message. It is of the utmost importance.” The young girl sat on the bed, her hair matted and black. She looked a shell of what she had been a few days ago… and her worsening condition worried Theon. Indeed… there was something odd about the young girl. Nevertheless, he had his orders: Find Adara on Andrea IV; she is the key to unlocking the code. Theon frowned. In his hand was a scrap of parchment containing a meaningless jumble of letters and numbers, or at least he assumed they were.. written in whatever alien language they were.

He flashed the sheet yet again before Adara’s eyes, and yet again received no response. Outside, his Marines stood vigilant, very aware at the tense situation inside. Uneasy, they watched as a rough looking man stumbled forward, slurring some incoherent phrase repeatedly. Taking him for a drunk, the Marine in charge of the perimeter defense walked forward to meet him, roughly shoving him back and issuing a stern command “Return to your dwelling. This is a restricted area.” “Yuehsall goinbaiy!” came a lazy response. The man kept coming, attempting to walk as the Marine held him at arms reach. “Yewrall goindei huhr!” he spat, fire in his eyes all of a sudden. He lashed out at the Marine, clawing pitifully at the armored giant. “Return to your dwelling or you will be arrested.” the Marine retorted, restraining the man by the arm with one hand. The man spat at him, and was in turn spun around and pushed onto the ground face first. Only then did the Marine see the man’s back. Carved deeply in his flesh… bloodied, and tattered.. was the number 13.

The streetlights died in an instance, plunging the alleyway into darkness and startling the Marines on perimeter watch. A scream was heard rise up from the house, undoubtedly the young woman, Adara’s voice. The old man on the ground smiled at the sound of the young woman’s anguish, rolling over to face the Marine once more. This time, he spoke very clearly, so there could be no mistaking his threat. “You are all going to die here.” he said, and then began coughing up blood.

“Comrade Marcus,” Theon’s voice cackled over the vox transmitter inside the Marine’s helmet. “The girl’s awake, and she seems to be entertaining the idea that we are in grave danger. Status report.” Marcus eyes the old man that lay before him, rolling around, flashing the bloody 13 at him, coughing blood and dying so violently and suddenly. “Movement, 80 degrees north!” came another voice, yet another marine stationed hidden behind the attic window up above. “Threat detected 22 degrees south.” another, “Hostiles detected, scans shown 2 targets engaging from the west, fast” The door to the house swung open, and Theon’s massive figure emerged. “Scarlett Marines,” he called out over the vox network, cocking his pistol at the same time, “I think it’s time we move Adara to a safer location. Prepare for extraction.”

Moments later the first gunshot of the night was heard.

SCENERIO: Extraction

DESCRIPTION: A young girl, Adara, holds the key to a very important bit of coded information. She has been located by the Space Marines of the Scarlett Rose, although it appears her whereabouts have not remained secret from other more hostile entities.

OBJECTIVES, FORCES OF THE SCARLETT ROSE: Extract Adara. Rose forces must be in control of Adara at the end of the game to win.

OBJECTIVES, FORCES OF THE DAMNED 13th: Capture Adara. Damned forces must be in control of Adara at the end of the game to win.

Additional objectives: Adara holds information that could unlock a very powerful secret for the Scarlett Rose. The forces of the damned must do all they can to stop them. If the Rose forces do not lose control of Adara all game, they will score 5 additional credits. If the forces of the damned can wipe out all who oppose them they will score 5 additional credits.

Special scenario rules:

Adara: WS2,BS2,S2,T3,I2,W2,A1 Ld7,Sv6+ Adara begins the game in control of the Scarlett Rose. She moves as if in difficult terrain (as infantry on foot), and must be within 2″ of an allied model at all times (in which case, she is controlled by that model(s). If at the start of the Controlling players turn Adara is not in 2″ coherency, she must take a leadership test. On a pass, she remains in control of the Controlling player and must move towards the nearest allied model to regain 2″ coherency. On a fail, Adara is terrified and flees friend and foe alike. She is no longer controlled, and she must move the furthest distance away from all models each turn (treating her turn as a separate player) until she is reclaimed (see below)

Claiming Adara: You must defeat Adara in close combat OR the last model that controls her (who is in 2″ coherency), after which she will be under control of that player. Note that if attempting to capture Adara in close combat, wounds dealt to her do not count as permanent wounds and cease to apply once she is reduced to 0 (and is, in turn, brought under the control of that player)

Special Rules: There is something not quite right about Adara. Models 2″ around her suffer -1 to their leadership as she sends shivers up their spines. Additionally, it has become quite apparent that she is a latent, untrained Psyker of unstable power. As hostile forces grow nearer, it appears her gifts are starting to awaken. At the beginning of each turn, roll a dice. On a 4+, Adara erupts with power and deals a single strength 2 wound to every model within 4d6 of her, with all saves taken as normal. If she uses this power a second time, increase the strength of the blast by 1, and so on after that. NOTE : If Adara is abandoned due to a controlling model failing its leadership test, she is no longer controlled and will flee accordingly.

Call for Help: The Marines have placed a call for extraction to a local police force, as they are without Chapter support on Andrea. At the start of turn 1, a Chimera moves on the table from the middle of the short board edge (using the outflank rules) in a straight line towards the Shack. Every Rose turn, it will move its max distance towards the shack. Once it reaches the shack, or is immobilized, it falls under the control of the Scarlett Rose team, and may be boarded by any members of its team. It acts in all ways as a member of the team (in that it can gain, and give up points) and is armed with a multi-laser and heavy bolter.

Drop Pod defense: The drop pod used to insert the Scarlett Rose Marines is actively defending its comrades. It operates as a standard member of the team, armed with its storm bolter, and is deployed at random before the game begins (scatter it 3d6 from the center of the table, ignoring direct hits)

DEPLOYMENT: Scarlett Rose forces may deploy anywhere within 12″ of the center of the map. The shack has been heavily reenforced by the Space Marines, and confers a 3+ cover save. The Rose player may also place 3 razor wire strips anywhere on the table before deployment (these count as difficult terrain only) The Dreaded 13th forces may deploy anywhere else on the table, keeping 18″ away from the Rose forces. NOTE : As the Damned forces are ambushing the defending Marines, deploy the Marines first and the Damned forces second. The Damned forces receive a +1 to their roll for first turn, and may always opt to go second instead. In addition, they may keep any of their team members in ‘ambush’ reserve, coming onto the table (from any edge) at the start of turn 1 (they may still be held in reserve as normal) In addition, they may use the “sewer network” rules to ambush the unsuspecting Marines. See below.

Sewer network ambush: Before deployment, place d3+2 sewer openings on the map in the same way as standard objectives are placed. Damned forces may declare during deployment that they are arriving from the sewer network in ambush. They are placed for in reserve and rolled for as normal, but arrive within 1″ of any of the sewer openings. They may shoot as normal on the turn they arrive, but may not move or assault, and count as moving for the purpose of firing weapons. In addition, at any point in the game Damned forces may opt to flee into the sewer system. To do this, a model must enter the sewer by ending its movement phase 1″ from any sewer opening. Remove it from the table, and it counts as destroyed with the exception that it does not suffer any modifiers on the “Death Chart” (see Killzone special rules) nor does it surrender any points to the opposing force. It still counts as destroyed for the purposes of leadership tests. Adera may be taken into the sewer network in the same way (although she will count as destroyed for the purposes of scoring points at the end of the game)



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