Ultramarines – The Movie

So a friend and I sat down last night and watched the new Space Marine movie – Ultramarines.  I thought the movie was not bad for Codex Pictures first outing but I felt like I was essentially watching a video game or a university project the entire time.  (SPOILERS AHEAD)

The animation wasn’t bad per say but I was definitely aware of it, especially during weird or jerky movements.  Again, I felt like I was watching a long cut-scene in Dawn of War.  There were a couple of cool scenes, like when the heavy bolter shells are falling and you see the one the space marine was marking, but overall don’t expect to be blown away by the effects.  The sound was pretty good; the voice acting was above par and the bolter fire/chainsword revving sounded awesome.

The storyline was fairly predictable with maybe 1 cool twist.  I felt like none of the battles were that epic…  I mean there were essentially 3 big battle scenes.  The first was a shoot out, the second was waves of chaos space marines being cut down bolter fire (seriously, power armour is really unimpressive in this movie), and the final battle is between a daemon prince and a sergeant.  I felt like either the bolter was way too good or that power armour was way too weak as every shot by the bolters seems to slice apart chaos space marines…  The power armour was like paper.  And yet, in the final battle, the daemon prince can’t seem to crack one marines power armour and is predictably cut down by 1 sergeant and a thunder hammer.   Perhaps I’m trying to compare the movie too much to the game but none of it seemed to match.  Perhaps this is simply the same reason why movies are never as good as the book.

Overall, I would recommend any warhammer fan to check it out and support the movie (hopefully the next ones will be better) as its still entertaining and ultimately it’s still warhammer.

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2 Responses to Ultramarines – The Movie

  1. Papa JJ says:

    My main gripe about the movie was that it never showed any full battles but instead only featured squad-level action. There were definitely other things that I would have preferred done differently but overall I enjoyed the movie. I hope it is a success and that we get more releases from Codex Pictures.

    Also I just started looking around ALL OUTTA BUBBLEGUM and like it a lot… great stuff!

    • Crimzzen says:

      I wholeheartedly agree about the combat scenes. I would guess that it was primarily due to cost and time limitations. I mean this movie (as far as I can tell) was casted and created in under a year!

      I am looking forward to the next one, hopefully they realize there is a market for this stuff and put a bit more into it.

      Thanks for the interest in the blog! You probably already know this but if you want to receive regular updates about posts you can subscribe at the top right of this page!

      I’ll be sure to check our your blog as well!

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