Grey Knights – Rumours #3 (Vindicare Assassin)

From BoLS

Exitus weapons are said to be AP:1
Both a rifle (sniper) and pistol come as standard equipment
Weapon ranges are said to be unchanged
Unlimited special Exitus ammo types are now available: ~Apparently the Imperium sends Vindicares into the field with ammo clips now!
-Hellfire (wounds on a 2+)
-Turbo Penetrator (doubles wounds, 4d6 penetration)
-Shield Breaker (victim loses invulnerables for the rest of the game)


Wow, he looks able to cause problems for a lot of armies.  Imagine your GuO having no more Invuln. save or Fateweaver.  Even dropping shadowfield or a storm shield on a key IC.  I guess we’ll see how much he costs and whether or not you need to cause a wound for the effect to take.

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