More Traitor Guard and Chaos Space Wolves!

Well, I was looking at my 2nd Chaos Rune Priest the other night (the one with the wings) and decided I didn’t like the wings.  They feel too much like a left over thought and don’t really represent anything in game.  I ripped em off and added a few more cables going from the jetback to the power armour.  Gives it a feeling like the jetpack has been rewired to provide additional power to the suit, could be used to represent runic armour or just making him look more badass!  Thoughts?

And here’s my painted Imperial Guard thus far! The heads are from Pig Iron Studios. As is the case with most of my painted pics, these look 100% better in person where you can see all the shading/etc. I really need to build a photobox! Hover over the picture to see what it is!

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