WIP’s of my Chaos Space Wolves

Hey intertubes,

Wanted to post up a few WIP shots of my chaos space wolves – Khorne edition.  I’m just posting a few of each type to give an idea of what the armies going to look like.  Let me know what you think.  Comments welcome!

Thunderwolf Cavarly – Champions of Khorne

The first two TWC are going to be storm shield (left – waiting for shield) and meltabomb (right – its on the Juggernaut)


The second two are vanilla (left – no upgrades) and bolter (right – for wound allocation)

The last two are Wolf Lord (left – Thunder hammer, storm shield) and power fist (right)

These are going to be my typical Grey Hunters – bolter with a strap to represent counterattack and additional weapons… If only vanilla marines could master the strap.

These are the special weapon Grey Hunters and the Missile Launcher toting Long Fang.

Finally, these will be my Marks of the Wulfen.  Essentially possessed marines.


So there you have it, the start to my chaos wolves.  I really like the capes on nearly every model and the way it ties together.  You can see my rune priest here: https://allouttabubblegum.wordpress.com/2010/10/11/chaos-rune-priest/

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1 Response to WIP’s of my Chaos Space Wolves

  1. crimzzen says:

    Hmmm, I need the fix the back of the powerfist guy, its too exposed.

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