Chaos Rune Priest

Something new today, put a bit of work into my Chaos Space Wolves last night and built my Rune Priest.  The base, book, and staff are from the chaos lord sprue.  The chestplate and backpack are from the possessed sprue.  The bolt pistol is from the space wolves sprue.  The body is from the dark angels sprue and the head is from the warriors of chaos sprue!  The shoulder pads are from forgeworld.

Before anyone bitches about a rune priest being devoted to Khorne, I spoke the the fellow and he’s OK with it.  Hahah, in the fluff it actually talks about Khorne using psykers to further his own means, but they usually meet some sort of end at Khorne’s hand



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2 Responses to Chaos Rune Priest

  1. crimzzen says:

    and now I see a big mold line on his hand!

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