Vs. Dark Eldar – Speculation

Note: This is just my initial thoughts based on what we’ve seen.  I could be out to lunch on this stuff.

While some of their stuff looks pretty intense in combat, you need to realize that either they are footsloggin it (with relatively no armour) or taking a flimsy open top AV 10 skimmer.

The way I see this against my Space Wolves (insert IG or Orks here as well); 2 scenarios
Scenario 1 – I go first:

The DE player eats 12 missiles and 3 TL-lascannons (able to target 9 different units) just from my long fangs alone.  I still have another TL-lascannon razorback as well as 2 Living Lightning rune priests.  I think it’s pretty much call-able after a round of those if I roll half decently.

Scenario 2: DE player reserves everything or goes first:

I’d imagine they’d fly everything forward fast to glean the 4+ cover save, looking to assault next turn.  While this seems like a good idea (and really, its the only option if running a lot of raiders) it will probably double the amount of firepower flying at those raiders as now melta/bolters are in range.  Additionally, once going fast, an immobilized result destroys the unit entirely which means that a 3+ wipes the unit (open-topped) or a 2+ in the case of meltas.

Again, this is all just hearsay and we still don’t know what their portals do/how they work this edition.  I don’t think we’ll see much lance spam though as they are now priced a bit more reasonably.  As far as I’m concerned, at this point the DE are THE epitome of a glass cannon army.


What are your thoughts?  Will you be changing anything in your playstyle?

PS:There’s a reason why Ork players don’t take trukks (and their half the price AND can rocket you towards your enemy upon destruction!).

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